Me and my friends have been on the video chat site Omegle (it pairs you up with anonymous random strangers) since 2012 when we were just little girls of 10 years old. What might surprise you is that when we were bored we loved watching all the stupid men masturbate and do strange things with their bits. We never felt threatened, we just watched and laughed at them. It was definitely never anything sexual. We never interacted with them in any way. I'm talking about the ones that never showed their faces and never typed anything. It was just funny and we had such a laugh. We used to make up rude dances and songs about them. It was just part of growing up. Makes me smile thinking about those songs even now.



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  • I remember when i was a teen, I'd go to omegle and spend hours fingering my butthole and lazily stroking my dick to horny fat guys that would tell all sorts of praise and leave whenever the cumed. It was hilarious and kinky. It was so wrong of me but i really didn't know better. Good times.

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  • Go get a real job in the future in 2022 and beyond, stop this nonsense, it’s pointless, once we get our economy back, go find a real job, get married and have yourself a family. That way you’ll grow old and die.


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