A walk in the park

I want to be followed. I want a man to follow me.. I want to walk faster and have him match my speed...

I’ll take a “shortcut” thru a trail.
I want him to know a better one, and show up standing in front of me.

“Are you ready?”

Tie me up to a tree just off the trail, rip my shirt open. Lick and suck my tits, making my nipples hard. They’re so sensitive.. demand me watch you.

Move slow down my naval, licking, kissing... my knees are shanking.

I want my pants ripped down.. kiss me over my panties. I’m so wet, they’re getting wet..
You move them aside, to taste me.

You insert your fingers, 2 to start.. moving up to three, I moan loud.. I’m really tight. You cover my mouth with your other hand. Shhh. Someone will hear.

You finger fuck me so hard. I squirt down your arm.

You stand up, and place your fingers in my mouth. “Clean it whore, my wife can’t know”

I see you reaching down to pull you’d hard cock out of your pants. Your arm lifts my leg, and you thrust your HARD throbbing cock into my tight wet pussy.

Making me cum.. so fucking good... I watch your facial expressions, you’re close.. My wrists hurt. But it’s a good pain.

“Cum for me Master” you explode. You fill my tight pussy, and I can feel it start to drip down my leg. Just when I think it’s finished, you lower yourself to your knees, and start to clean up.

Standing again with a mouth full of mixed cum, you kiss me. Filling my mouth.

Unite me, and walk away.

2 months ago

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    • Ok dude you want to get raped! Do you want him to suck your dick too then fuck your man pussy!

    • I kinda think Darwin would bet the "under" on your life expectancy. I know I would.

    • Dyslexics untie!!"

    • 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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