My sister Suzy

My younger sister Suzy had always been cute, but when she blossomed into womanhood, she became a knockout! I watched with jealousy as the guys began vying for her attention, taking her on dates, kissing her at the end of dates and trying for more (I used to peek thru the blinds and watch her come home). She had always been a flirt, and included me on her list of victims, parading around the house in her bra and panties, or skinny-dipping in our pool when she "thought I wasn't home. She ended up dating an older guy (around my age) who was a scum bag, cheating on her and generally treating her like crap. It all came to a head yesterday when we had a party at our place. Our folks were gone so we thru a bash, just 20-30 of our closest friends and … well anyone who happened to turn up. Suzy was looking killer, wearing a short leather skirt and a loose sweater that was a touch too small and short; whenever she raised her arms the front rose dangerously, threatening to expose her small pert breasts. Suzy drunkenly explained to me that her boyfriend had been fucking a slut on the side their whole relationship, but that this was the last straw. She asked me to kick him out, but not to hurt him.

Suzy had watched the whole scene, and when I came out she mouthed "thank you" and started up the stairs. I followed her as she stumbled up the stairs, figuring she might need some help. Suzy had already gone into her room. I knocked lightly on the door, but didn't get an answer so I opened it a crack. Her room seemed empty! I looked more closely and saw her in her closet. What a sight! There was Suzy, like I had only dreamed of seeing her. She had pushed the clutter in her closet to the sides, and there was my sister kneeling on the floor facing inwards, legs spread, her skirt and panties laying discarded. Her index finger fucking her pussy urgently. And to top it off, her pussy was shaved! My sweet innocent sister had a bare cunt! But the jewel of the moment lay on the carpet between her spread knees; a drop of her precious cum, a thin line of juice leading upwards to her partially spread lips; the next drop visibly forming. I was embarrassed and started to back out but I stopped when I realized her eyes were closed and she probably didn't know I was there. I was scared of getting caught, but was so turned on that I hid slightly around the corner, slipped my cock out of my pants and started stroking while I watched her. She was oblivious to my stroking as she worked her pussy, moaning softly. My eyes roamed over her nakedness, tracing the curves of her ass and thighs, drinking in the sight that I had been dreaming of for years. God she was beautiful! I considered helping her but was too afraid she would freak and leave to actually do it. Her panting came faster, and I watched as she used her thumb to press on her clit while two fingers were inside her pussy. I knew she was close; I stroked harder to catch up, I wanted to cum with her.

Our hands moved almost in unison as we reached our peak, and as she began to moan out in orgasm. I felt the wave hit my groin and I began to spurt my seed. I watched in horror as my cum ended up landing between her spasming thighs, splashing to the carpet almost directly on top of her little puddle of cum, our juices mingling together. I fired my load and stood there spent; cock in hand for what seemed like an eternity, watching her finish her orgasm. She lay there panting for a few minutes before she opened her eyes and look directly at me! "Hello brother," she whispered. "I was hoping you'd cum up… now how about you cum in me?" she said with a drunken wink.

2 months ago


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    • The Mighty anti incest warrior will never give up he will push the incest lovers into the chasm of their own depravity , he is the hero to so many, a man amoungst men.

    • The Mighty anti incest warrior is fighting for decency immediately, good on you warrior

    • And he strikes again......bwahahahaha

    • You wrote this lady balls you sick fuck
You went into her room lady balls! You raped your sister and you know it. You saw the tears running down her face and kept on going. You heard her sobbing and that did not stop you from raping her. You ripped her heart out! So know you keep trying to convince yourself that everything all right by writing these sick stories. But it isn't! You are on the edge of suicide and your sister is now insane! You are a sick pedophilic who raped your underaged sister and you know that! Fuck off rapist I hope you get caught and your balls cut off and shoved right down your throat!

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