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I found this site a couple years ago because I was looking for confessions. I like reading them. I never thought I'd be writing in because my life is so boring. I'm 31 and married 9 years to my Highschool boyfriend. I'm told I'm pretty. I keep myself in shape. After work today a few of us went out for drinks for St. Patrick's day. I didn't want to stay late because like I said my life is boring. Cops must have been watching the parking lot. About 2 blocks from the bar I got pulled over. We had been at the bar for about 4 hours and I had finished a drink right before I left. I didn't feel drink but I know I was over limit just because I didn't wait an hour to leave. They had me do roadside tests and said they have reason to believe I'm impaired and that they wanted me to take a breathalyzer test. I started crying and telling them that I'm a teacher and that I don't know what I should do. They told me it's best if I take the test. I was over. I started crying for real then, telling them I'd lose my career. Begging them. They took my ID and went to their car. After a few minutes one of them came back handcuffed me and brought me to their car and pit me in the back seat. I was practically bawling at this point. Then the officer in the driver's seat asked what I meant by anything. I said if give them money, anything. Whatever they want. The officer in the passenger seat got out, opened my door and said "let me get those cuffs off so you're not so uncomfortable" then he got in my car and put it in the parking lot of the store we were in front of. He got back in and they drove to an industrial park and stopped behind a closed down warehouse. The driver turned and told me that if anything included me that we have a deal. I sat silent for a long time. He turned on the interior lights and said that unless I'm changing my mind to take off my clothes. I did. He told me to masturbate. I did. After w while they both got out. The officer in the driver's got in back with me, and the other officer walked away from the car. When the first officer was done he got out and walked away while the second officer was with me. They took me back to my car and left. I don't know what I should do. Should I tell my husband? Should I report them? Should I just think of myself as lucky for not having a dui? I've now been with 3 men. I prided myself on having only been with my husband. I traded my body for my job. Am I a prostitute? That's what I feel like

3 months ago


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    • Ran into an old girlfriend Shelly 45. 20 years ago she couldn't get enough. Me and her ex would would take turns fucking her. Never a 3 some, we'd give her 15 minutes rest or so. She said it felt like a lifetime ago when Bob and I would "gang banged" her, I'm so family, soccer mom now. It seemed to be a fond memory for her, she was bragging about getting GB. I told her taking turns in such an orderly way didn't qualify as a GB. She seemed so disappointed that I unchecked her Soccer Mom Gang Bang Club box. There was never 3 in the room.
      Who's right?

    • No, you are awe awesome

    • I think you got the best of of both sides. Free to walk from a DUI and the memory of a crazy sex night. And nobody needs to know.

    • Tell your husbend

    • Seems like a fair deal to me, it's not like you have to do it again. You may have had to prostitute yourself in this situation, but you are not really a prostitute.

    • Bull shit that is what that story is! Next time you tell your fake story make it one officer! Two cops willing to throw their careers out the window and face rape charges, misuse of a badge and conduct unbecoming an officer! Just for some quick sex with you.
      FYI police cars come standard with dash cams with front and rear facing cameras and interior mic's that the office can not shut off and is uploaded to the police station main frame automatically! Been that way for over a decade! Never mind the body cams.

    • How do you know what is standard issue if you don't even know what country she is posting from?

    • You are a prostitute. You always will be.
      For the rest of your life you know any guy with the right offer can fuck you. It is what it is. No turning back now. Fuck guys for whatever you can get. If you do. You'll be a whore. If you don't you'll be a whore with nothing to show for it

    • I think she is amazing

    • Now you know you'll fuck random strangers for a price. That's the only line you have to cross to be a hooker. You fucked 2 guys for money on your first night as a sexworker. You're a natural. Work as an escort on the down low. Start now and your body can get your husband something awesome for Christmas

    • DUIs are about 10 grand. There's no way a 31 year old prostitute has a pussy worth 5 grand. You must look pretty good to be selling your body for that kind of money. What do you look like? Were the cops old fat black guys?

    • I'm assuming they took turns talking about life and how turning to God is your only path to redemption..... NOT!!!

      in assuming one fucked you in your pussy and the other up your ass and both came inside.

      Yep you are a SLUT wife 100%. Accept it and life will reward you with many more confessions to post

    • Neither did anal. They both started with oral. The first one used a Condom for sex the second didn't

    • Did the second cum inside you?

    • Yes

    • So you ARE a slut wife prostituing yourself away - you go you slut wife!!!

    • You offered in exchange for not being charged, just accept it and move on.

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