Falsely accused

I was living with a 19 year old redhead, she has 3 sisters, all redheads. One day my gal went shopping, left me home with her 16 year old sister. I didn't think a thing about it until she came into the living room wearing just panties, no top. She had breasts by them but only barely, she asked me if I thought she was pretty.
I told her to go put some clothes on, she got upset saying I didn't like her.
Next thing I knew, my gal walked in, there we were, her sister in just panties and me sitting on the couch.
Her sister told my gal that I MADE her do it, and that I had exposed my "thing" and gunk came out of it?
Hell, I didn't do anything.
So, needless to say, I was living alone, she even called the cops who came and hassled me pretty good. I half expected to go to jail but nothing could be proven, mostly because nothing happened.
Now, almost 8 years later, I run into the little brat in a store, we talked, she told me she was sorry, one thing led to another and we ended up in the sack.
She was actually a fairly good roll in the hay, and her boobs had grown some also.
She told me she loved me, I just laughed and tossed her behind out. She had to walk all the way back to her place, I haven't seen her since and don't want to.

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  • The two of you should be together!

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  • Tell her to fuk off

  • You need to call her back and invite her over again. You should be tapping that regularly. At least twice a week. Get her to move in! She obviously does love you!!!

  • Ya Ok sounds true!! If you'r a moron!

  • You are a moron so....

  • She sounds better off without you.

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