Well I had broken up with my wife a year half ago as accused me of cheating on her but I was not and separated since then and starting divorce we do text each other now and then and she confessed she got some while working on the night shift but she does not enjoy like when with me and was asking me if could meet see if can sort things out but I have a friend who doesn't like wife and reckon I will be silly if did so much so said wanted video call her and while friend standing behind me reach around and wank me of in front wife saying i had moved on and as can see getting sexual pleasure i think a bit too rude and wrong but what you say

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  • I’m divorced. Similar reasons why. I now have the greatest gf I ever could have imagined. We are very much in sync on so many levels.

    Now to my ex. Once we were in divorce discussions with our lawyers she came to me and asked if she could date. She didn’t want me to use anything against her in court. Happy to be separated and divorcing I said “go ahead”. Thinking maybe a few stiff cocks would keep her from being angry with me.

    Well two days later I stopped by the house to pay some bills and before shutting down the computer I did a bit of snooping. Yes I know I should not have but fuck it why not. Well not really to my surprises she was on a dating site and chatting with several guys and to my surprise she had already been talking with her ex bf. 15 years after we had been married she immediately went back to mister Big Black Cock. Throughout our marriage I always had my suspicions but that confirmed it. Turns out she can be talk dirty and be a little slut even though she couldn’t with me.

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