Meeting my bf

He puts his whole cock in me just like that in one push. Grabs my neck and pushes me down, fucking me hard, his balls hit my clit and he holds me in the waist with his firm hand. I have my eyes open but all I can see are stars, I’m literally getting destroyed as he is entering abruptly and making his way inside me. I moan so loud I bet all the cars driving pass can hear. “Was it worth teasing me during the lock-down for all those months?”, I don’t answer, just fuck me harder that's what i whisper. He calls me his personal porn star couple of times more before he erupts into my pussy. I feel that "pop" as he pulls his cock out leaving me on the backseat of his bakkie like that, still moaning with joy and cum dripping, messing his bakkie with my juices flowing on his seat.

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  • Hot story. Please post more

  • It's nice you put out when you met your boyfriend. Guys always like pussy on the first date.

  • Your guy is super SUPER lucky to have such a sensual and adventurous lady, and I hope he knows that! Thanks for sharing such a sweet portion of your wonderful relationship! Wishing you all the best!!!

  • Fiction

  • Sounds similar to the way I took my wifes virginity, back of the bakkie at the dam. South african women are great

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