I'm a 24 year old Muslim virgin with messed up fantasies

So obviously alot of posts here are completely fake but this is more like a confession of mine. I think I started feeling aroused back when I was a teenager like any of us. I would look at guys, walking by me, focus hard to see if I can make out their cocks from far. I started reading smut on wattpad pure fantasy you see. But the real problems started when one day about 10 years back I found an audio recording of my brother in one of those old casttetes where he kept saying things like my sisters pussy is so hot, I want to finger it, I want to finger her belly button, I will watch her pee & pinch her nipples. I felt very hot n disturbed then but I destroyed the tape. Fast forward two years. One night I woke up to feeling a Slight pull on my trousers but tried going back to sleep, however about an hour or so later I woke up to find my trousers down to my knees & my brother running circles around my belly button with his finger while his other hand was trying to separate my pussy lips. I just pretended to be asleep. The next night I made sure my trousers were already loose and half my butt was showing & my shirt was unbuttoned from the front. Again that night it happened but this time both my brothers were there, they were being extra careful & slow, one was just touching my Breasts while the other one was stroking my ass while he tried to finger my anus. They both then diooe their heads under the blanket & turned the light inside on, I felt the younger ones handslide down & he cupped my pussy while the other one started playing with my belly button. Few minutes later I could feel a finger scratching up & down my clit. This kind of kept happening for a while on random nights I'd wake up to find myself being fingered. But I wanted it to stay that way. As in we don't acknowledge it but it keeps happening but one day my brother found me alone & said I like your ass its so juicy. I mean I'm you brother we Can do stuff this ticked me off and I fought him. Then the stuff stopped but again fast forward 3ish years I thought we're over this all & one day my brother gives me his phone to transfer his music to the pc since he's got a new one & I started checked folders while the files transfered and there were no pictures all deleted but then I found the thumbnail folder of his pictures which he forgot to delete & in it what I found was crazy. He had taken pictures of me somehow when I was showering. I was butt naked under the shower rubbing soap on me & he'd taken quite a few. I didn't get how he did it because I Didn't think there was any gap in the door or windows. But turns out there was gap in the hinges side. But that wasn't all. In those pictures I also found photos of my cunt spread apart by my other brothers hands and my belly button & my boobs. Apparently they never stopped and have been taking pictures of me while I was asleep. Next in the end there were more bathroom pictures but these were worse. Since we're Asians & had Indian toilets in the bathroom, there were pictures of me squatting and urinating during my showers there. Like you could actually see me sitting legs wide open and my pee coming out. At that time I didn't know what to feel but again I did nothing just deleted the whole thumbnail folder. I think now that they're gone it's over but every time I think about it I get all worked up. I discovered this chat room on the internet where you can anonymously sext & now my way of dealing with my horny phases is sexting multiple men they ask me for photos of my body, my pussy & mostly want doggy style photos and I send them but never my face. Duh! Also there was this one guy I agreed to talk on kik n he asked me to send a full portrait like naked shot so I did & then I asked him to make it his wallpaper, show it to his friends nd tell me what hey say, he asked me to send audio of myself cumming & masturbating while saying his name. But I think I want to do of this stuff, getting strangers horny with my nudes is a different kind of high but I want to actually do adventurous stuff especially its my really serious desire to get gang banged by a bunch of middle aged sturdy men in a public place. But hasn't happened yet. I did once flash my pussy to a man sitting besides me on the flight but it was really short domestic flight & there were so many people he just stroked it for me, didn't even finger.. What a coward huh.

3 months ago


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    • I love Asian girls and I would love too see your body. Please email me sphiil@aol.com

    • I don't want to expose my email but I'll leave u a link of my uploaded image

    • I live in Pakistan, during my preteen years my brother (21yrs) used to snick in my bedroom at midnight to touch me - my budding tits to my abdomen and my pussy over the pj. Yes, I did enjoy his traveling hands and pretended to sleep. After a few months, I left my chemise unbuttoned to give him better access to my small tits. His bare hand over them send me new kind of sensation all over my body. May be this made me bolder - I left my pj loose for him and as expected he tried to cup my pussy with his hand and I opened my legs wide to allow his probing hand better. Gradually we got both bolder and he tried to finger my pussy. Being of a conservative Muslim family I had to be very careful as to not allow him more access with his cock. I allowed him to suck on my tits that grew bigger within a year. I started to wear pj tight around my waist, instead made a hole in the crotch area so that he can only finger pussy to my orgasm. This went on till I got married at the age of 14.

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