First time crossdress outside

I decided to crossdress outside for a first time one night.

I was nervous and excited, I started to wear my 36C nude bra with silicon breast, nude panties with a top control nude pantyhose to keep my dick check, Apricot color bodycon sweater dress just above my knee, along with a pair of black 5" platform heels. The final step is to put on my wig with hairs length till my shoulder and wearing a pink color face mask so I don't need to apply any make up and shaved my beard.

I looked at the mirror and see I am OK to be a woman with face mask and wig. I walked to my parking garage and get into my car, started to drive to place where nobody around at night. I parked my car at a parking lot and get out from my car as a woman. I walked around the walking path for an hour. During that time, I can feel my dick is friction with my panties and pantyhose, I told myself I need to keep walking and relax so I won't cum.

Once I am back in my car, I start to pretend I met a stranger and we clicked. I invited him to my car so we can have a good sex. We started to kiss each other and then I stripped off his pant and popup his dick.... my god, it was 10" long, I started to suck his dick till he is getting hard. At the sametimes, he squeezed my breast and removed my dress.... took off my bra, remove my heels, pantyhose, and then my panties. I am so soaking wet sucking his big dick... I begged him to fuck me , he did on my soaking wet pussy.... oh my god.... it felt so good and he kept pounding my pussy till he cum inside me. I sucked his dick with mixes of his cum and my liquid till he dried After that, we kissed each other and he left.

I just woke up from my fantasies and realized I cum on my panties. What a mess I just made.

Oh well, it was a very good night for me. I wish I will do it again next times.

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