Wife said yes

My sister-in-law (K) has been divorced for almost 5 years now and I’m sure she’s not the type to get into bed with any guy because she left the marriage with her two boys. I commend her for that and the effort she has put into raising them boys and they’re good boys too.

It also has come to me that she’s not had a good fuck for a long time. I know this because my wife and K talked and message each other heaps which doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, I kind of find it hot listening to them talk and the advice my wife gives her.

During one of her conversation, K was stressing about not having the touch of a man in such a long time and made my wife feel sorry for her. K told to her, she’ll bite the bullet and start at the pub and/or clubs. My wife was supportive however, she told K not to go through with it as strangers are more prone to hurting her feelings more.

So, one night my wife sat me down and had a serious conversation about this situation and asked for my input. It was all fine until she asked what we can do to help her and as Covid affected traveling, my wife made an out of the ordinary suggestion. She asked if I was willing to spend quality time with her sister as she trusted me, and knew I was drug and disease free. It’ll be just be us inviting her over for a few drinks and watching movies together, nothing we don’t do already but only this time, she wanted me to get cozy with her.
It was weird at first as the three of us was sitting on the couch and I in the middle while we watched an old classic “Ransom” starring Mel Gibson. The lighting was dimmed, and we were drinking and nearing the end of the movie we had already had more than too much to drink and K was now leaning over to me more. My wife looked at me and gave me an evil look and pulled my arm towards K to comfort her while my wife went to get more drinks. We were out and she said she’ll drive to get more and for us to just keep doing what we were.

Anyhow after she had left, K asked if I minded cause my wife has already discussed the evening with her and they both were understanding of the reasons. I told her I was OK with it and she started touching my chest by un-buttoning it. I could sense her heartbeat jump faster as she started rubbing my nipples. I asked if she was OK with me touching her breasts and she never objected one bit. Her bra was off, and we were making out with me sucking her nipple while she breathed much harder.

Next thing I knew she had upped the ante and made her way to my cock and started rubbing it, wanking it and squeezing it hard! I had to show who was boss and slid my hand down her shorts and started to rub her wet clit. I inserted one finger and started to tickle her G-spot making her moan and wriggle her body. After a few minutes, she jumped off the couch and kneeled between my legs and pulled my cock from my shorts and started giving me a blow job.

I got out my phone and messaged my wife explaining what was happened and that I was confused. She said not to worry because he was hoping it was going to be like this anyway. K kept sucking and sucking and then took a quick break where we both got naked. We finished our drink and she started once again. Shortly after, my wife returned and said he was happy to see K happy. I said I wouldn’t take it any further if she didn’t want me to.

But seeing how this was all planned, she insisted we continue. Hearing this, K then jumped on top of me and slid my cock into her VERY tight and wet pussy and started to hump. She moved very slowly enjoying the feeling of my cock going deeper and deeper into her until she was sitting on me and her ass was on my pubs. This is when she started to hump like mad and I was afraid it popping out!

My wife was all excited and took off her clothing’s and walked up to me and jumped onto the couch and spread her legs and pushed her pussy into my face where I started to lick and rubbed her anus. I said I didn’t know if I could hold it in any longer and K got off and my wife placed my cock to her pussy and pushed it in deep and hard in one move. OMG I exploded with all my cum deep into my wife. I was spent but my wife wanted more and said round two in the bedroom and invited K to join us for the night.
But that’s for another story another time!


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  • It's a Hot story, thanks for posting!! Would love to hear more!!

  • Rotten west families like pig

  • My wife many times comments that she wished her friends knew what a great lover I was. We have sex probably 6-7 times a week. And it always includes a long 69, and then it is always long sex after that. Once I got into my 50's, I can go forever. She knows her lady friends complaints, and knows that they never get sex like I give.

    I doubt that it will ever happen, but we talk a lot about how I should have sex with them just to show them what they are missing. It makes good fantasies for me. But my wife is all talk when it comes to swinger type stuff.

  • What a fake pile of BS!

  • Why so much hate, good on you I say

  • Quit molesting your comatose mother!

  • 7 out of 10 married guys probably fantasize having sex with their wife's sister to have them at the same time congratulations dude I envy you. Hell I know at least 15 guys my SIL has given BJ's and I hear nothing but how great she is. Ive tried to get a birthday BJ from her for better than 30 years with no luck.

  • You lucky man!

  • Well I thought the story was hot! And look at all the comments, if it was a clip, I'm sure it would have give viral, keep trolling guys lol

  • Despite all the incest warriors, this is just a hot story. wouldn't mind if my wife would let me do the same

  • Your wife hasn’t gone through puberty yet, Chimo!

  • I really think The Fantastic anti incest warrior is on this case because you are just an arsehole

  • I have no idea what these supposedly anti-incest people are about. There's no incest in this story. I'm pretty certain they're just bots.

    Anyway, I'm a real person and I thought it was hot. My wife has encouraged and facilitated me fucking other women before, so I've been in a somewhat similar situation. It's great! Would love to hear more.

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