Hearing My Parents

I'm sitting beside my open window, the breeze finally beginning to cool down my bedroom. My computer's fan sounds like it's laboring as I pause to stretch my wrists. Through the wall I can hear my parents talking to each other in the living room. I down the last of my cold coffee and rub my eyes. The breeze isn't doing enough to keep me awake.

My parents talking is distracting. I'm beginning to regret going to a university so close to home. My sister Bree had the right idea, picking one on the other side of the country. I bet she's sleeping soundly in her apartment. Of course, I'd still be in dorms, being a freshman, and I'd have parties and fuckboys to deal with. I guess I really can't complain.

I suppose I should be happy to have parents that are still together, in love, let alone still enjoying a sex-life. They're both active and fit, ageing gracefully and handsomely. I hope I look as good as my mom when I reach her age.

A soft knock precedes my door opening and I turn to see my father poking his head in. "Honey, you're still up?" he says quietly.

I'm sitting cross-legged on a swivel-chair and I turn it towards him. "Hi dad, yeah, I just getting things finished up," I smile weakly.

He steps properly in to my room and walks closer, leaning past me to look at my screen, muttering softly as he reads a portion of my essay.

"How did you get so smart?" he asks, still reading.

I can smell mom on him, faintly, on top of his own scent. I can't help but notice the outline of his cock in his boxer shorts, it's not erect but very present, curving down against his thigh.

"Don't stay up too late then, Jodie," he sighs, straightening up but immediately leaning down again to kiss the top of my head. "Thanks dad, I won't, five more minutes tops." I smile as he retreats to the landing. I hear my parents go to their bedroom. I hear muttering, but nothing to suggest they're getting amorous.

After five minutes I get up and flip the switch by my door, plunging my room into darkness with blue glow of the screen the only light source. Peeling off my jeans and reaching under my tee-shirt to remove my bra I head out on to the landing and in to the bathroom, peeing, then brushing my teeth. I go back to my room and lie on my bed, waiting for sleep to take me.

It doesn't though, my mind races as it continues to work on my essay. My parents room gets quiet. Then a soft mutter through the wall and immediately my mother sighs. I wish I'd managed to get to sleep before they started. Dad's cock.

"Fuck it," I sigh and reach for my phone, it's obviously time for the only guaranteed way to get me to sleep. I scroll through increasingly explicit images and gifs I have saved, my fingers also grazing back and forth over my panties too.

My parents' bed thumps softly against the wall and mom groans. The girl on my phone rolls her eyes up as the guy behind her thrusts and I feel a warm wet spot in my panties. I scroll further, looking for that elusive one I know will push me over the edge. I pinch my nipples through my tee-shirt as I feel goosebumps rising on my thighs. Dad grunts, mom groans, and I spread my legs a little wider, dropping one foot to the floor beside my bed and pushing my panties between my lips, grinding the pad of my index finger over my clit.

The next gif shows a girl being spooned, one of her legs hooked back over his, his cock inside her - mom groans. Dad's cock. An involuntary whimper escapes my mouth and I push my hand inside my panties.

Their bed thumps again, then another thump, another grunt, their bed squeaking, and my fingers stroking in-time with my parents. I roll on my front, grinding my palm as I push two fingers in my pussy, probing, keeping rhythm with mom's pants, my own moans muffled by my pillow. I raise my butt pushing it into the air, my phone gets discarded. I imagine that man behind me, rough fingers on my butt, cock pushing inside me, deeper, mom grunting with discomfort through the wall. My teeth closing on my pillow as I feel my climax rise, beginning like tension low in my body. In my head he has me bent over, gentle but dominant, drilling me on my bed while my parents fuck in the next room. He moves me around; against the door, on the rug, bent over my bed, bent over my desk, reading my essay over my shoulder as he fucks me from behind, telling me how good it is - dad's cock thick but relaxed in his boxer shorts, close enough to touch, to stroke and lick and taste -

Mom moans, the thump of their bed against my wall has reached its crescendo, it's creaking like an old ship in a storm, I picture them there, mom holding the headboard as dad plows her from behind, her face, her eyes roll back. I drag my fingers out and slide them slick and slow over my clit, sawing back and forth, images of dad working in the garden, his strong arm moving as he cuts through timber without any effort. My orgasm peaks, all denial gone as I think of dad, my body shaking as I cum on his cock. I came the hardest I ever have before!

I pull my hand from my panties and lift my head from my drool and sweat-soaked pillow. Through the wall mom and dad are silent and I wonder how long ago they finished. My limbs ache as I climb off my bed and stand beside it. Guilt and shame competing as I try to ignore them, but they're smeared between my thighs. I need a clean pair of underwear and a tee-shirt that isn't wet with sweat. I shake out my sheet and turn over my pillow then stand by the open window, looking out at the deserted street and feeling the night air on my skin. I compose myself and catch my breath. Finally though I return to my bed, lie down and feel sleep's hand reaching for me.

I don't wake before dawn, a dreamless sleep leaving me rested and relaxed. When I do wake though it takes me a moment to get my bearings. Through the wall my mother groans and the bed thumps again. I pause, staring at the wall, unsure I really heard it. The bed thumps again and mom says something, thump thump thump thump I can hear dad grunting and mom moaning, obviously enjoying themselves immensely once again. And I'm so fucking jealous.

4 months ago

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