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Like most guys in their later high school and early college years, I was very much interested and attracted to girls - particularly the really good looking girls that you're friends with already. To paint the picture - I had been dreaming of encounters with girls for years, while hanging out with and being friends with a good amount of good looking girls, I slowly learned my shy, quiet, beta side shined through - while inside I longed to either hit on, or try to flirt with a few of the girls who I was particularly good friends with and particularly attracted to, I Never, and I mean Never, found myself able to make the first, or any, move... This continues until being around 21 and a half - having still never touched a girl, or had any sexual experiences whatsoever , while all the while desiring more, but feeling insecure about inexperience. A good friend of mine, Emma Lee , had been gone in a program for college for about a year or so. She had just gotten back around this time. I think she knew I wasn't feeling great about myself and being a beta type guy, but I can't be sure... She did however to my surprise start to kiss me. If I didn't mention, Emma Lee is easily the sexiest of all my friends, I used to dream about eating her pussy... Actually dream it :). Think taller, paler, sexier Hermione n that's how I thought of her. Making out sitting on the steps..... I'm 21.5 years old, total virgin, heavy masturbator... To be cont :)

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  • My senior year registration day was a zoo. 1975 it was in person wait in line to sign up for classes one at a time., get back in another line for another class. All done, I see a drop dead gorgeous freshman, Emma, reading a book. I go over and say how did you make out? She said pretty good, guys let her cut the lines. But she's disappointed there is no food served till 1st day of class. Let's go off campus, there's a drive in nearby. So I treat her to a hot dog and fries (that's all she wanted) -- Then take for a ride around the countryside. She's siting close and I take her parking. She gives me a blowjob GTFO! She's my everyday fuck buddy. My jealous roommate wants to tar me. She cuts it short to a quicky "i have to go to practice" . Figuring it's the flute the way she sucks dick. First home football game halftime. 80,000 there. Majorette Emma saunters out first in a ruby studded swimsuit like outfit, at the 30 yard-line she stings her baton 100' in the air, does 5 head over heels and a cartwheel and catches her baton right at the 50 yard line. I'm a star fucker and don't know it.

  • My fuckin boy.

    Give her what she wants.

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