Tastes like beer

I picked up this chick friday night at a local bar and took her to a motel for a quick one nighter while my wife was out of town for the weekend. She was decent looking, average body, 28 years old, not real hot, but definitely doable.
We went into the room and stripped naked and jumped into bed together. She started sucking my cock, one thing that my wife doesn't do very often or very well. After a few minutes, I told her she'd better stop because I was about to cum. She looked up at my face and smiled and said that was the idea of it. She then took my cock back in her mouth and had me blowing my load down her throat in another minute or so. She licked my cock clean and swallowed every drop of my cum, then she climbed up next to me on the bed and asked if it was good. I told her it was the best head I had ever had, and it truly was.
Then she told me it was my turn. She spread her legs wide and guided my face down between her thighs. Her pussy was shaved clean, or maybe waxed, it was soft and smooth as silk. I immediately noticed that her pussy smelled just like beer. I wrapped my mouth around her pussy lips, and gently sucked on them, then parted her lips with my tongue, and worked it into her vagina. She was dripping wet, and I swear to God it tasted just like Budwiser. I ran my tongue up and down her pussy, and sucked on her clit for what felt like an hour, before she finally had an orgasm. By that time, my cock was rock hard again, so I climbed on top of her and entered her soaking wet pussy. We fucked for another half hour and I pumped another load inside of her.
After she went into the bathroom to clean up, I asked her why her pussy tastes like beer. She laughed and told me that she didn't know that it did. She fingered herself then tasted it and said that it just tastes normal to her. Now I'm mad that my wife's pussy smells like cedar pencils and tastes like dirty dishwater.

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  • Two words...YEAST INFECTION!

  • Don't think so. I've dated a few women with yeast infections. Smelled nothing like beer, and it is a totally different type of yeast than brewers yeast.

  • Lol

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