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True story...... A few years back, on a night out with my GF (20) we were having a great night out and ended up at the local night club. My GF loved teasing me and would always wear a short skirt on club nights out.
I will never forget this time when we both felt so horny that we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. The club was full of people having fun. After dancing for what seemed like hours we moved to the bar area. We managed to find space at bar and the drinks were now starting to have the desired effect. We started to lose our inhibitions and the conversation soon turned very flirtatious and I dared my GF to take her underwear off. ‘Easy’ was her reply.... as it was full of people around us no one would notice and she was right. We were enjoying being naughty, no one could see us or so I thought.
I couldn’t resist putting my hand up her skirt and rubbing her smooth pussy. We both loved being naughty in a very public place. We both continued like this for ages, feeling confident that no one could see us.
That’s when the most amazing thing happened. The GF was trying to get the bartenders attention, not an easy thing to do in a busy bar. While she had her back to me, I put me hand under the back of her skirt and started to finger her pussy. I looked around to make sure no one could see. However, a group of 3 lads had noticed and gave me the nod of ‘you lucky bastard’. I don’t know why but I just nodded and smiled back. My GF was still waiting to be served and was now moving her hips and parting her legs a little more. I couldn’t stop touching and fingering her tight wet pussy.
Just then, I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned my head to see the 3 lads.
I stopped fingering my GF while I spoke to them. They were telling me how lucky I was. While talking with one of them I turned back just to check on my GF. This is when I just caught one of the guys starting to put his hand up my GF skirt. I’m not sure what came over me but I didn’t stop him. I just stood there watching a complete stranger fingering my GF without her knowing. It was the hottest, sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. My heart was pounding so fast. My GF was still waiting to be served and was trying her best to get their attention, she had no idea what was happening to her. The first guy pulled out and licked his finger. I just smiled as I watched the second guy move behind my GF and put his hand under her skirt. ‘OMG’ I was allowing these strangers to finger my GF. The feeling I was experiencing was nothing I ever felt before. I wanted more to happen.... The second guy finished and nodded to the third guy to move in. At this moment my GF had just ordered our drinks. The third guy finished, licking his fingers. The guys all nodded with smile and moved away.
‘WoW..... what just happened, I thought. My GF paid for the drinks and turned to join me.
She had a huge smile on her face and whispered to me that was amazing and her first time she had taken 4 fingers in her pussy at once and it was her first time she had allowed anyone to finger her ass!
I never saw those guys again and I never let the GF know.

We continued to have many more daring experiences during our time together. Just as hot if not hotter than this very true story.

Our holiday experiences blew my mind.......

5 months ago

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    • 1978 my hot wife Jill loved to dress slutty. I was like her dad policing her wears.
      "take that back, the cops will think you're a whore." A lot grandmas dressed pretty slutty back in the day. One club I called Slut Club and I let her get it out of her system Sat nights. We were dancing and I knew she had no panties or bra on and her micro mini outfit would come off in one second. Hot July night she says lets fuck in the car, I need you big dick in me. So off we go. So they we are naked, fucking her like a payday whore when Bob and Linda, our friends, are at the window. They think her cum moans are a cry for help and I'm hurting her. They really want to take her to the ER and calling me a monster. Jill says that was mild, you should see us in a king size bed go at it. 2 months later Linda tells Jill they were doing it with 10x less gusto then us, and only 2 or 3x a month. They tried doing like us and she was moaning like Jill. and doing it 5x a week. But now they were back to old mild ways. "can you guys do it for us on a king size bed" so they would get back into it. So for 5 years we were their sex surrogates. It stopped when Jill told me for some time Bob wanted to fuck her. She felt Linda was be cheated if he's fantasizing about her.

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