I Get How When

For about the last six months the sound of a lawnmower made me horny. I had realized my house was surrounded by the landscapers they were everywhere the leaf blower’s the rakers the guys in the mowers. Now I am not big on clothes especially tops. I like the freedom of my 38G caps bouncing around free. I have a porch that’s enclosed and shuttered. The screen door is half covered to open it.

I had been doing laundry and realized I could not go out there naked just in case a nosy neighbor walked by so I pulled on a oversize sweater that barely covered my pussy and the V-neck barely covered anything because it’s so big. The hedge trimmer was standing at my door trimming when I went out. All of a sudden my pussy started throbbing so I opened my dryer and bent down to pull things out yes perfect back view of my shaved pussy and ass for the hedge trimmer. I couldn’t see his face he couldn’t see mine but there was something so exciting about doing this. My nipples were rockhard and I was so wet it was crazy.

I went inside and as I went to sit on the couch I saw the guy on the mower right outside my window oh yeah the sweater had to come off again. I realize he was going around and around the same area which was right outside and I could see his face right now because they have a mask it’s hard to read but he did seem to be spending a lot of time on that particular piece of grass. First you couldn’t see much of me but you could tell I was there I set up straighter so part of my breasts were showing it was starting to rain and it was very quiet around so I leaned forward and set my large press on the window cell I don’t think he could miss that. He ended up with another guy raking and then a third. Somehow the other guys knew. I could not take anymore I had my toy on the couch with me and had been teasing my waxed pussy Brazilian Wax knowing they were standing there the devil took over. I stood up make sure they saw me then turned with my butt and pussy stuck out. Then I took my big toy and shoved it in my pussy and proceeded to fuck myself with it but then finally I could take no more as I began to come my legs begin to shake and I had to lay on the floor and finish my job. I wish I could’ve seen them watching me I want to have a camera
out there. That will be interesting whether or not they’re watching me.

When they come this week I think I will get the guy that mows under my dining room window the curtain always gaps because the cat is in and out of it and yes I intend to be naked the good thing is the way the curtains are he will be able to see me But people going up the walk will not. Should I wear my nipple clips and pull on them while I stick my fingers in my pussy or use my toy again? Any suggestions out there I’d like to know what you think because I’m feeling so naughty and I’m loving it. If there was a way to attach a pic you could see me right now Rockhard nipples and swollen clit

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