Crush on potential teacher

I have a crush on a mainstream actress. She's a prestigious, well-respected Argentine performer and I've been attracted to her after watching one of her movies, where she takes the virginity of a boy and teaches him how to make love. That movie blew up my mind and I became obsessed with her. I'm a shy 23-year-old virgin and I've been attracted to mature women for some time. I've never dated a girl and I've never kissed one as well. Since last year, I can't stop fantasizing about this woman every single day and I touched myself a couple of times (feeling some guilt), turned on by her beautiful brown eyes and hair, her sultry voice, magnetic gaze, full lips and delicious rack. I watched all the sex scenes of her movies and some of them are very arousing! This year, I learned she was hired as a drama teacher at the arts university I attend in Buenos Aires. It was a big shock! I've never expected that! As far as I know, I won't be one of her students: I'm not ready to have her in front of me talking about Chekhov without remembering that skinflick.

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  • I was obsessed by my 40 + year old teacher. He was a mystery and seemed to have no past. But after a year I found out my teacher was once an gay escort.

    I confronted him, and we reached a deal to keep me quiet. I give him $300 a month and i could ass fuck him. We have sex almost every day. We been doing this for 5 years now.

    Before the pandemic started, he said keep the money but keep coming over for sex. We fell in love. He love having a young strong cock that lasts 30 minutes in him.

    His ass is so tight and his mouth sucks so hard. I have no interest in women only his boipussy.

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  • If you are a student there, why not ask her for an autograph and tell her you are a fan of her work?

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