My wife doesn't know.

I've been happily married for 23 years, We have 3 children and My wife and I have a great sex life. But sometimes I go to adult bookstores and suck off total strangers. I've never wanted to be fucked or sucked in return. I'm just aroused by the secrecy and and thrill of it, and if I'm honest I love sucking cocks especially at gloryholes.

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  • Wow. So understand. I still love women, but the feeling of having a big dick down my throat is amazing. And I love eating hot, creamy sperm. I tried to tell my wife. I would even let her cuckold me. Not interested. BTW, went this morning and sucked off a beautiful big dick and got a big load..Yum.

  • I'm a newly married guy in my early twenties and I've like regressed to my adolescent twink years when I sucked for fun and even let some boys and men fuck me when they wanted. It just started happening, me being with other guys all over again?

  • Hi. Original poster here. I love My Wife with all My Heart and Soul. I would walk through fire, and fight armies for Her. Her and Our Daughters have never lacked or wanted for anything, I gave up riding and sold My Harley because My Wife was scared I'd Crash, or get jacked and shot. Without Her and Our Daughters I'm nothing. But I go to the bookstores because that's the one thing she can't give Me. It's an hour or two every few months when I Can relax and let go. All that matters is the cock in front of Me, I don't care if it's Black, White or Latino. It doesn't matter how long or thick He is or whether or not He's cut or uncut. I don't want to know who's on the other side of the wall It's just an anonymous cock, Just as I'm an anonymous pair of hand's and a mouth. and so I'll work on their cock and balls with My hands, lips tongue and mouth slow and sensual or let Them fuck My throat whichever They want until They cum in My mouth. Maybe it's something I'll give up at some point, but for now. Well it works for Me. I went last week I sucked nine guys four White, three Latino and two Black. And I took care of My Lady when I got home!

  • I've sucked many, many dicks in backrooms at adult bookstores. It was at one such place where I got my first mouthful of cum. I like to go in dressed as a man and later secretly in the dark take my male cloths off and underneath I have on a sexy women's outfits. Boy the things I could tell you that men have done to me.

  • Sounds so sexy and horny, let's talk.

  • Sounds hot!!!! Tell Us more.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • That is more common than people believe.

  • I wish sex wasn't such a taboo concept in our culture. Japan seems a lot more progressive when it comes to sex

  • I would think since you do things your wife does not know about then are you really truly happily married ?

  • I am happily married to my wife, but I can't help but fantasize about giving blowjobs and acting slutty. Embarrassing to admit

  • Don't be embarrassed. Accept it, enjoy the fantasy and maybe one day................Give it a try. Nobody has to know

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