I knew she was a bad girl

Between the time she accepted my request for a date, and the actual big night, I struggled mightily with whether or not to tell her that I had - entirely by accident - seen her giving another guy a blowjob; not once, or even twice - but three separate times! All different men - each one black...not that that matters.

I still remember the first time I saw her - tall, mouth-watering figure - short, platinum-blonde hair...her huge brown eyes heavily coated with eyeshadow and set in the naughtiest cheekbones I'd ever seen, themselves dazzlingly aglow with the sluttiest shade of rouge! She had her face in a permanent crinkle-nosed, pursed-lip expression that said to me, "Yeah, I'm a bitch...but I'm also a hotter piece of ass than you can handle!".

She was gliding around her bank office in a shiny print blouse that wore loose everywhere but her proud tits; every time she turned around, they seemed to guiding her - as if they were counterweights pulling her the opposite direction she wanted to go

. But it was the skirt that made my knees go weak - a tight, high-waisted pencil get-up that showed off her perfectly rounded hips and ass. Bright red - her ample butt made me think of a giant tomato inviting me to take a hungry bite out of it. Her juicy hips moved from side to side effortlessly as she went from station to station; it was the kind of soft sway that simultaneously made my dick hard - but made my balls shrink up inside me, as I was sure that there was no way possible that an average dork like me could ever please a woman with that creamy of a body. She looked like she had dropped in from a nightclub to help run the bank for a while. She was the most stunning slut I'd ever seen.

A notorious local stud came into the bank - perfect tan, tall, confident, athletic, et al. The other girls swooned, but the blonde bimbo stepped up and began to flirt with him - not a bit flummoxed by his obvious sexual charisma, but definitely sending him the signal that she was liking what she saw. He gave back innuendo as easily as she dished it out; she turned to go get whatever he was there for (I honestly wasn't listening. I was captivated by watching how this trampy angel responded to men. I thought I was going to burst out of my shorts.), and I observed him enjoying her gentle sway, becoming hypnotized by the sweet, smooth rocking back-and-forth, lewd grin on his face. At least I wasn't the only guy who was imagining what kind of pleasure that fuckable body was capable of.

I mentioned what I'd seen to a friend later. "From the bank?", he asked. "Nice body, but...that face...I don't know!". I was sick - maybe there was something I'd missed? I forgot about her for the time being; his sister was having a party. Did I want to go?

I met our hostess. "He likes Jo", my buddy told her. "You do? That's great! She'll be excited!". I didn't understand what that meant. I got a beer. Then another. And so on...

There was a line of people waiting for the bathroom at the tiny house. My country ass decided that I'd have more privacy in the woods past the backyard. I went out beyond where the light reached, confident I was in a dark enough area now. Then I heard gentle voices. Not wanting anyone to see me, I stepped forward, into a clearing. Then I could not believe my eyes...

There, in the moonlight, about fifty feet away - maybe - was a black guy with his back up against a tree. He was looking straight up into the air and gasping heavily. Kneeling in front of him was a woman - and not just any woman. Short, bright blond hair, familiar print blouse, and her perfect fleshy ass still tightly wrapped in that red dress - hips swaying in rhythm with her head bobbing up and down. Moaning as he stroked her face... "God damn...God DAMN!". I backed up as quietly as I could to give the lovers their privacy. From the sounds of her moaning, it sounded like she was enjoying the blowjob as much as he was.

I wasn't sure what to do. I was dizzy; not certain if it was arousal, dejection, or unease at intruding on such a private moment. I was hoping she'd be the nasty skank I'd hoped she'd be; I never dreamed that I would be offered such stark evidence of it, though! I drank a couple of more beers - quickly - then asked my buddy for a ride home, and passed out.

I woke up, the image from the woods vividly on my mind. I couldn't remember having such a hard erection. My cock felt like it was trying to tap me on the chest. I decided to donate a solo session to the beautiful cocksucking slut I'd discovered. I was finished almost as soon as I got started. Some of my load shot all the way onto my face.


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  • What? So that happened two more times?

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