I'd be a wet nurse in a minute

I'm a pro-breastfeeding advocate and have nursed all my kids. The younger two still do on-demand but not so much anymore. They're 7 and 9. The oldest one, now 11, stopped at age 6.

My husband used to nurse from me but isn't into it so much anymore so my breasts get engorged and I usually have to pump them if the kids do not nurse often enough.

I enjoy my boobs being so plump and sensitive and breastfeeding brings me joy. Sometimes I've suckled friend's kids when necessary but I would like to do something on a regular basis to help others and keep my breasts lactating. I've thought maybe I could volunteer at a homeless shelter to nurse anyone on demand who is hungry but I'm not sure how to approach a shelter to see if it's acceptable.

To be honest, I'd go around with my boobs out and nurse anyone on demand but that's still frowned upon even though it could help hungry people and its healthy too.

Sometime strangers see that my boobs have leaked and they look but nobody has ever asked anything about it. I'd let them suck them if they asked but I wouldn't know how to ask a stranger if they want to drink from them.

Has anybody ever done this or heard of anyone else doing it? Or does anybody have any ideas so I can keep lactating and help others? When my kids get older I've thought about volunteering in some poor countries so I could breastfeed on demand in poor villages but that will be awhile before than can happen because my husband wouldn't want to move to a developing nation.

8 months ago

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    • It’s called and ANR adult nursing relationship I’ve been in one trying to help someone start lactate there is website out there that help people contact for feedings god it would be amazing to meet someone like you though I’m always hungry 🤤

    • If anyone is in Ireland looking to feed someone id be interested k.I.k abone2020

    • Oh, how I'd love to feed off of you... I'm a sincere, respectful gentleman...professorial type. Let's get in contact...

    • I always breastfed my 4 babies till they were teething - so I avoided giving them my tits but when my tits felt heavy with milk my hubby relieved me quite well and we always have very satisfying sex.

    • You sound like my sister. She breast fed all of her kids until they balked or started school. I first became aware of her breastfeeding penchant when it was commented that she would breastfeed any kid that cried near her. Soon that woman was proved correct when I saw her feeding my own baby. She DID later serve as a wet nurse in her area. I don't know of anything else of that with her as it all seemed to stop at some point. Don't know why

    • About 5 years ago a friend of mine introduced me to bodybuilders at her gym. I ended up pumping milk for them, and I had a Anr with one of them.

    • I love drinking fresh milk from the source. My 53 year old wife has been breast feeding me since she gave birth to our first child over 30 years ago. If you get them sucked or pump them at least 4 times a day, they will continue making milk. You can always pump it into bottles and sell it online. Lots of men will pay good money for fresh breast milk.

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