Caught her out

We have had a long term friend of mine, staying with us as his marriage fell apart. He had no where to go, so we offered our spare room.
It's been 2 months now & I'm getting a bit over it. He's always around & my wife & I can't have any break as covid had hit & we're in lockdown.
It was last night that I was woken by a loud clap of thunder as a storm broke out. I realised the wife wasn't beside me. I thought she may have got up before me & I went to see her. As I got to my mates bedroom I heard the 2 of them fucking. I slowly opened the door just enough to see in & my mate had his cock all the way in my wife's arse & pumping his cum into it. He pulls his cock out & his cum is dripping out of her butthole. He lays on the bed & my wife lays beside him,stroking his cock & says how she loves him fucking her arse & she loves getting back into our bed & laying beside me with her butt full of his cum. I heard him say that the past 6 weeks of having sex with her was fantastic.
I didn't know what to think as I'd never fucked her arse before. I then watched as she straddled his cock & rode him until he filled her pussy with another load. I left & went back to bed.
Soon she climbs back into our bed beside me & I acted like she woke me up. I asked where she'd been & she just said she was checking windows were closed for the storm. I reached for her pussy & stroked it, she didn't say a word. I climbed on top of her & put my cock into her very well fucked, full of cum pussy. I said to her that her pussy was very wet, she just replied that she was horny for me.
My friend still lives with us, hoping Lockdown finishes soon.

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  • Should of walked in and joined the fun.

  • Yeah happened same when my wife and I separated. She stayed with her friend. Her friends partner ended up fucking her because they both "worked from home" but of course her friend was totally ok with it and gave them permission to fuck because it would do her good and I think she never really liked me.

  • My hubbie has no idea I’ve been fucking my ex since the COVID thing started back in March. He actually thinks I’m going to volunteer everyday at the hospital. In reality I’m going by my ex’s and taking his very big cock in my pussy and mouth. Fucking looser even believes me when I tell him I’m so tired and depressed from what I see all day I don’t want to have sex with him.

  • Sure dude

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

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