I hadn’t had sex in awhile. That’s where there thirst comes in. I was thirsty for a random guy to satisfy my needs sexually. I went on a hook up site and realized that I had many options to choose from. Men, couples etc...I began to narrow it down and wound up w/ 3 left to choose from. I finally picked one. He was tall and handsome...and 10 years younger than me. We met at a hotel. I walked into the room without knowing what to expect. I was surprised that I felt so comfortable. I sat on the sofa across from him. As we talked, I felt myself throbbing down there. I then opened my legs to expose to the crotch less black lace panties I was wearing. It was an invitation to cum closer. Since he didn’t move quickly, I got my vibrator out of my purse and placed it on my clit. He was watching me closely and then placed his hand on his cock. Then he undressed. His cock was hard and BIG. I was throbbing and wanted it badly. He came over to me and inserted 2 fingers inside me. I was so horny. He then pulled out his fingers and dove in w/ his tongue. He then took the same 2 wet fingers and banged my asshole while devouring my shaven pussy. I could Not hold back. I came harder than ever. He then put his rock hard big cock into my throbbing hole. I took it all and jammed it inside of me til it hit my back wall. He said “ is this what you wanted “? I said yes baby, fuck me, I am begging for every inch. I was riding his cock like I owned it. I got off of him and moved down and placed it in my mouth. Licking the shaft, bobbing on the knob, deep throating it while choking at the same time. I brought him just about to blow his load and then got on all fours. He knew what I wanted. He then got behind me and thrust his cock in me. I was dripping, my pussy was taking it all. We came together and I saw stars.

1.1 years ago

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