Not in my wildest imagination did I think I would walk in on this

My wife is a twin and they both still looked really alike into their thirties, my wife has slightly larger hips and boobs but she had a little more body fat than her sister. They have always been close and my wife never wanted to move away from her family so one day I was at work and just felt like taking the rest of the day off, this was back before everyone had a cell phone in the early 90's. I did not live far from where I worked so about twenty minutes later I was home and her sister's car was in the driveway, did not think anything of it other than being slightly bummed about having sex.
I walked in not really being quiet just like I always do and did not see them anywhere downstairs so I was just about to call out when I heard what I thought was moaning and it sounded pleasurable. I was thinking what in the world is going on and my first thoughts were no way these two are doing something like that I must have heard something else. I slowly made my way upstairs and down the hallway a bit and then I heard more moaning and their voices but could not make out any words. I get to the closed master bedroom door and slowly start turning the knob then start opening the door and my eyes about popped out of my head. My wife was laying right between her sisters legs and her face was buried in her pussy, they were both naked and I had tingles run thru my body just staring at the two of them. I did not even care if the caught me, I was going to stand right there with my head in the door opening and just watch until they saw me.
Minutes went by, her sisters legs were climbing higher and wider as I watched my wife licking her up and down moving her head all over the place. My sister in law had already slid her fingers over her own nipples a few times and gave them light pinching also. I could feel myself getting turned on watching them and wanted to just walk in and start licking my wife from behind. I had no idea if she was going to get pleasured next or already had been but the two of them on the bed together naked was a gorgeous site.
My sister in law finally had an orgasm and my wife crawled up and licked her nipples a bit then laid down beside her with a leg on top of hers. I waited patiently to see what was going to happen next, my wife facing away from me and her sisters view of me obscured by her head. I got my answer minutes later as my wife rolled onto her back and her sister kissed her way right down between my wife's legs. I was holding back with everything I had not to just push thru the door all the way, I wanted to wait for my wife to have an orgasm. I slowly backed up so I was not in direct view of them and watched thru the open door in the hallway. It must have been about fifteen minutes and I heard my wife moaning out exclaiming how wonderful it felt. I walked forward and slowly moved my head into the doorway again looking at their beautiful bodies together, her sister was up on her hands and knees, breasts laying on my wife's as they kissed each other. Her sister had a great ass just like my wife but I had a side view so I could not see her completely, I gave them a few more seconds of time before I said, "Well, you two are having a great time!"
They both screamed and began pulling sheets up to cover themselves, my sister in law went right off the other side of the bed and down on the floor. My wife began telling her to calm down it is Roger, she looked at me and asked me when I got home and why was I home in an embarrassed voice. Her sister said something about wanting to crawl into a hole as I walked over to the bed staring down at them, I have been home for about an hour now and watching the two of you for the whole time. My wife just said really and are you upset with me or us? I told them no, I was very turned on the whole time and wanted so badly to just walk in and join you two. My wife looked at her sister and asked her what she thought about giving me some fun. I looked down at her still kneeling on the floor and she sort of smiled and said what about Frank? I spoke right up and said, I can keep my mouth shut if you can or you two can also give him the same thing. She got up on the bed and began looking at the two of us wondering what was going to happen next, my wife looked at me and said well Roger, what do you want to do?
I told her that I would love to watch you go down on her again while I have fun with you from behind then see where that leads. They started doing it and I was about to shoot my load right in my pants, my wife stayed up on her knees bent over licking away on her and I could barely hold myself back as I began slowly entering her. I did not even last five minutes but pulled out and came on her back so her sister would not have to lick my cum out of her. I stood there listening to my wife comment that someone was really excited between licks and I asked them if they ever got into a 69 position, they both began doing it and again I was so excited just watching them I could not stand still. My wife was on top and I had a great view of her licking her sister and after a few minutes she motioned for me to come over to her. she went up on her hands and began sucking on me and did so until I was hard. She asked her sister if it would be okay if I plunged into her, not exactly those words but I think she used go into you if I remember right. So there I was, my wife sucking on my cock and then watching as I lifted up her sisters legs and began getting myself positioned to enter her. My wife went down closer to watch and I almost felt like she was really enjoying this more than I was.
We all laid down on the bed for a minute or two after I had my second orgasm with my wife finishing me off with sucking right out of her sister.
Her sister let out this long sigh and said if we do this with Frank he will have a heart attack.
So about a month later my wife and I were in bed talking and she brought up the threesome, she told me that her sister did not want to risk trying it with Frank and was I going to be okay with the current arrangement. I told her that I was fine with what ever they did and if she never wanted me to join again I was fine with that too. My wife smiled at me and told me, well that is the thing, she wants you to join because Frank barely has sex with her. I finally asked her so how long have you two been having fun with each other and she told me, oh probably since we were about fourteen. She told me how they got started but I will write another story about it later.


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  • Wife's (jan) twin (Julie) was staying overnight. We had a big snowstorm and we were much closer from where she worked. She's bitching about her boyfriend. We were having beers watching the snow come down sideways, fireplace a blazing. It was Thur and our employers already canceled Fri. Jan said this should be more fun, Joe entertain us, strip for us to Gimme Shelter. Thinking I'd strip to underwear. But I go all the way. Julie: Oh wow, you told me he's big, he's huge -- lucky sister. I did my job, she's cheered up. I say how about a 3 way, half joking. And I go take shower since I'm already naked. I come back and Jan says were you serious? Guys since HS joked about fucking us both, but never had a serious offer we liked. But 2 at a time is just too weird, we'll take turns. The only way I tell them apart is Julie has her hair in a bun. So I fuck Julie first -- just awesome, totally different, she flips me on my back and does extreme cowgirl on me. Even her pussy feels a little different. Than I do Jan next. 3AM I want Julie again and go to the spare bedroom. She says I was expecting you and was naked. She doing it different again. 5 AM she says better get back to Jan, lets not over do it and she gives me a goodby blowjob. At breakfast Jan laughs, that was me you had sex with twice, i just went cowgirl and tied my hair back like Julie's.
    I look at Julie and she gives her water bottle a blowjob and laughs, mouths "BJ was me" -- later she tells me they fucked each other's boyfriends behind their back. Guys want us both and we sort of accommodate the ones we like. Twin thing.

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