Bus trip

I am Cindy 53 years old. I was on a bus trip alone . I sat in the front by our driver Donna. There was no doubt I was attracted to her. She was the best way to describe her is buxsum. And just beautiful. I watch her hips and ass as she walked up the aisle to take a head count. And her beautiful breast as she walked back to the front. As the trip went on we talked and talked . I could tell she also had an attraction to me also. I asked if she was married she said no. When the bus stoped for the night at our hotel I asked her if she was doing anything for dinner , I invited her to dine with me and she accepted. We had dinner and a few drinks , a few times I felt her leg on mine under the table, I guess as a test . I did not move I just pressed it more firm against hers. She asked me if I wanted to return to her room for some wine that she had in her bag. I accepted. After a few minutes we began to get close , I made the first advance to kiss her and she accepted it gladly. Soon our hands were all over each other. We Jen my hands went across her beautiful ass I almost orgasumed right there. Soon we were both undress. Enjoying each other’s bodies. We got to a 69 position I could not believe how sweet Donnas pussy was. We both brought each other to a beautiful organum. I remember I had to lay still for about 5 minutes as I recovered from mine. As Donna held me. The next morning I got up looking for Donna she was not in the room but returned shortly with coffee for me. The next day on the bus we got to know each other even more. Now it is almost a year later and we both live in my house together. We are partners in every respect. I know Donna could get a little jellos for no reason a woman at a restaurant was trying to come on to me. I was not going to accept any advance she offered. But Donna put an end to it when she returned from the ladies room back to the bar area. Telling her why do you go sniff up another ass this is mine. ( I do love her so much and I know she loves me too)

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  • Probably cos he's fucking someone else

  • Do you rim each other’s assholes? How about sitting on her face and cumming all over her?

  • We do she love that so much and so do I

  • Congratulations. Good luck to both of you.

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