Wardrobe malfunction

There was a woman in the store and her shirt was rising up. I could see the bottom of her areolas. She walked a little more and her nipples were poking out. The next time I looked, her entire areola was out. They were pretty big areolas. They were dark and she was light brown. She adjusted her top but I just watched them slide out again. Watching her nipples pop out was so great. She asked what I was staring at. I said “those” and pointed at her naked tits. She covered them back up and immediately her right nipple popped out again. I told her that she needs a bra for those little knockers. She then lifted the entire shirt up and said “give them one since you won’t leave them alone and take a good look too!” And I’m like ma’am you’re in a store with your hooters out. But it was so hot. I saw her another day and her tits were see through. She just needs a bra. But I don’t mind running into her and seeing those b cups of hers.

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