How many moms secretly want to fuck their son?

So how many moms out there secretly want to fuck their adult sons?

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    • Looks like I’m not the only one

    • Yes, I did as I was sex-starved. I now live alone at my age (56) and sexually active but I do not have any option to have sex as I live in a multi-storied apartment full of people coming and going all the time. My son (34) comes to visit me from time to time and I do not like to see him sleeping in the drawing-cum-kitchen room of my condo. It all started when I asked him to share the only bedroom with me. He was sleeping on the couch and at about mid-night I saw him there in an awkward position - turning and tossing. I invited him to my bed. In the early morning a saw his hard-on through the boxer as I drew him closer to my body. His warm and young body smelled too erotic and turned me on. We had sex - twice till 10 am, had shower together. He sucked my tits and ate my pussy, and fucked me in dogie. We are having regular sex since then. His GF has no idea of our relationship!

    • Something I almost did many years ago. I started teasing my son wearing skimpy outfits and my underwear around him after I figured out he had been wearing my panties. Even flirting a bit but stopped before things got out of hand. Also found out he was a virgin and didn’t want his first to be his mom.

    • During those times did you honestly want to fuck your son? If so how badly?

    • Yes, really badly. Just restrained myself as I know how wrong it was. He was around 19 at the time and really athletic and fit.

    • Tell me this and be honest. Does the thought of the sexual tension u had with ur son get u horny again? The thought having his athletic fit body on top of you while his hard cock penetrates every inch of ur pussy streching it until he releases his seed?

    • Yes it does. I’m a lot older now and not sexually active with his father so the thought turns me on a lot. Nothing will happen now as he flew the nest quite a few years ago but the thought gets me wet.

    • Ever since then when you do see him does ur horny pussy start dripping or is it just now recently u been craving his cock again?

    • Was just something that I had a thought about when I come across this site. It has been really intense thoughts since I started thinking about it

    • From this point on if the opportunity arises would u fuck him if he acknowledge that he wants it as well?

    • Also I’m well into my 60’s now. It sure if he would have thought about it back then but my body certainly isn’t what it used to be.

    • I would but that’s unlikely to happen

    • So how old were u n him at the time? N u might never know lol. You probably still look good as ever to him

    • I was 46 at the time but I’m in my 60’s now

    • Young 26 year old trucker.

    • Hmu older women @

    • Not sure I would go that far but I have masturbated thinking about him

    • My family have been fucking each other for over 100 years. It is the best time you will have. My God when you put your cock into your daters pussy heaven

    • I love my husband so I would never do it, but we have fantasized about it. I mean, come on, he is a younger version of the man I love. But healthy people keep fantasy and reality far apart. Never going to happen.

    • Until I put my dick in your face mom

    • I think that if you could fick your son and know for a fact that your husband would never know you would fuck the hell out of him

    • Have you fuck your son yet I'm FUCKING my brother and my mom

    • I don't think any mom in there right state of mind even thinks of something that disgusting except your filthy self! You know that we have enough weirdos and psycho's in this world and I guarantee that there not needing anymore and especially a pathetic and disturbed mom

    • Why are you even looking on this site?

    • I have always wanted to eat and fuck my older sister. She had a sexy body,a tight ass, gorgeous legs and thighs, perfect titts. She would stand btwn the TV and I on purpose. Showing me her gorgeous body. She would rub and message my head and scalp and enjoy doing it. Those head messages felt amazing. Ever since I was a young guy,about 13 and 14 I wanted to eat her pussy and fuck her good and hard. I was always afraid to let her know how much I wanted her pussy. I was afraid she would refuse or tell someone getting me in trouble. How I regret not telling her. If I ever get the chance, I will let her know how much I dream about her pussy even to this very day.

    • I will have to admit I have had the idea and desire to feel my son for around a year now. It started with me waking into the bathroom right after he hopped out the shower ( obviously no water running I thought it was empty) my son is 23 now but when I opened the door he was drying himself off and my eyes didn’t go anywhere but to his crotch. Seeing how nice and hung it was just soft put the idea in my head. The last 3-5 months I’ve been exposing myself to him seeing if he’ll respond. A month ago or so I knew he was home and I decided to walk around topless and in underwear the one time he did see and he complimented my breasts. I’m very busy. He says” o… I apologize… I can’t lie tho mom you’re areolas are beautiful. I have huge areolas. Since then my minds been going crazy. I’m not sure how to feel

    • Did you ever fuck

    • I hope it was good .that's the pussy you will ever have till you fuck your daughter

    • I really loved your response

    • Can I see you

    • Wow I would definitely love to hear more from you

    • Excellent, please keep exposing yourself to him.He will eventually get the message and want you as much as you want him. Have fun, lucky son.

    • Id loke to meet you also

    • I’m 54 mother of two kids a son and daughter my son is 30 and daughter is 32 my son was always a mommies boy growing up so we’ve been close. I believe the first time I seen his “manhood” after his adolescence years was when he was 17. Walking in on him playing with his self. A few weeks after that I fell asleep on the couch watching a movie and woke up to him with his tank top folded up and his underwear no wear on sight. Just waking up I’m trying to make sense of it and as I come to I notice both my breasts are completely out of my night gown. I whispered to him as I’m covering myself you need to go to bed now before your dad sees you down here. Obviously the following day it’s on the front of my mind like why? Why me? I’ve always been a very busy women but why? Well a few weeks after the incident I got off work early and clad i was settling in from just waking and taking off my shoes he comes out the bathroom completely naked. He didn’t even flinch or try to shut the door just stood their and said “ we’ll your home early? Had a short shift?” I responded casually but couldn’t grasp how nice is dick was just hanging their it had to be 5-6 inches soft. After I respond I went to ky room and told him I gotta change etc etc. He proceeds to head upstairs. I’m in my room on the edge of the bed just lost trying to grasp what’s going on my head. Then the door opens and he walks in lightly stroking his dick. and mind you I’m sitting down so it was literally in front of my face idk what came over me but I just grabbed it and started sucking on it. I’ve been having sex with my son here and there ever since. We’re even closer than before and I tell you my husband has never eaten my ass and I guess that’s what these kids are doing now a days but my goodness it’s amazing

    • Does he fuck you good

    • I first sucked my son off when he was 10 years old. On his fourteenth birthday, I fucked him for the first time. His father was at work and my son fucked me five times that day.

    • Where u from the us ?

    • No, I live in Cardiff, South Wales. Indecently, my father fucked me for the first time when I was 7 years old.

    • Good for you both keep fucking and having fun. I sure hope he's eating your pussy. I would.

    • I want you to email me privately. Will you do that?

    • How can I talk to you about all things

    • Do you still fuck your son? I have been wanting to fuck my mom for some time now.

    • Like that’s top class pussy when it comes to moms 🥵

    • I can’t imagine how good it would feel to fuck a mom holy 🤤🤤🤤🤤

    • I’m 58 now and maybe 6 years ago after catching my son passed out naked and seeing his entire mature body and manhood I started dropping subtle hints. It took me about 3 months but I finally went to see if he was home again and found him naked and all the time of me wondering and being curious I didn’t hesitate I walked crept to his bed got down and started kissing and licking his dick got it fully hard before he woke up and seen me was an akward pause but he just laid his back down and opened his legs wider. Me and my son have been pleasuring one another since. So intimate and enjoyable if any moms are curious about there sons especially if there well endowed I encourage you to just go for it. They’ll like it.

    • Mom you are absolutely right. I would enjoy it vert much. I hope he's eating your pussy. Keep fucking and having fun. I would do the same.

    • My son has recently divorced and moved back home with me,my husband passed away 6 years ago,im 73 and my son is 43,he's gone out every weekend since moving back in,I hear him coming in through the front door in the early hours (just like when he was a teenager) I always get up to check on him,the last twice he's got in he's decided to have a wank! I'm ashamed to say I stood there and watched ! My sons dick is huge,I stood on the upstairs landing played with my pussy imagining he was fucking me

    • You should approach him and let him know you enjoy watching him. Let him know you want to help him stroke his dick. I'm sure he will be fucking you everyday . Have fun and enjoy.


    • Go for it

    • You’d like how it would feel trust me 😉

    • God I wish you were my mom. Ive been wanting to fuck her since I was a kid. If you wanna chat reply or anyone else that loves incest please reply

    • I love letting my father fuck my holes with his big dick. HMU

    • I love it

    • Im in the same position... i wanna but i dunno i guess im afraid to be rejected


    • I really hope my mom will fuck me

    • That is a line I can not even imagine to cross... That is sick, I am sorry but it is

    • Two consenting adults you cant judge them. Just thinking of tasting my mouther makes me hard

    • Great delicious Incest cum

    • How many of U guys were introduced to the delicious taste of a hard throbbing piece of Ur Dad's big hard throbbing meaty cock and sucking up great delicious wads of his cum??

    • I ask my mom let have sex I said dad getting his from his new lady

    • Never

    • Why not?

    • I think its possible. My Mom spanked me until I was 18 YO. I had to strip completely naked and kneel on a kitchen chair and then she took a paddle to my bare ass until I cried. When I was 16 she told me to masturbate after my spankings in front of her and sometimes during my spankings, I was afraid so I did what she said. I had the most amazing orgasms, it turned into an almost daily thing for her to spank me sometimes for for no reason while I jerked off. When I turned 19 she asked me to masturbate in front of her openly without getting spanked just so she could watch. No sex but I thought it was kind of gross when it started and then I enjoyed doing it, sometimes she would touch my cock and balls while I was naked.

    • I've been having sex with my mother since I was 28. It started as just casual sex, but it quickly became much more than that eventually!

    • The first time I fucked my mother I was 15 years old. Now I fuck her whenever dad is not around.

    • Kui mina tehnikumi kiitusega lõpetasin siis olin 22.aastane.Õhtul käisime baaris seda tähistamas koos emaga.Hiljem koduteel olles mõtlesin kuidas saaks emaga voodisse minna.Kodus olles võtsime veini lisaks veel ja ema hakkas mind ise suudlema.Minu ja ema mõtted läksid sel õhtul kokku ning me olime varsti kirglikus vahekorras.Sellel ööl magasime mõlemad alasti.Hiljem oleme mõned korrad ikka voodis koos kirglikult aega veetnud

    • मैंने अपने बेटे को तब बहकाया जब वह चौदह साल का था। मेरी चूत को लंड चाहिए था लेकिन उसके पापा घर से दूर काम कर रहे थे. तब से, जब भी हम एक साथ अकेले होते हैं, हम चुदाई करते हैं।

    • Mõnus

    • By the time their 50 years old, Most moms want to fuck their sons. He is usually the only man how loves them completely. They get raging wood over her body even if she fat. Like me.

      I was crazy for my son and 7 of my friends are also with their sons. Truthfully I never been so turned on, wet and come so hard as when I fuck my son.

      His father is a dud in bed, but Bobby is all man. I was 48, he was 17 when we started. Wish we started when he was 14.

    • Would love to watch you fuck him

    • Email me

    • Let’s really fucken

    • Email me

    • I did sometimes with my step son ,I could said my step son f**** me better than my hubby .. my step is only 23 I'm 47 horny milf latina secretLife

    • Can you email me? I wanna know more

    • How have you been

    • Yes, I do watching my son's developing muscular body, hairy chest and his morning hard-on! He is 19 and I am 40 yo. Many times I got tempted to join him in his bed in the morning but not yet dared to do it!

    • Let me help you

    • Do it and record it because i want to watch your first time with him, will you share a vid, pics?

    • Come and join me then

    • Son? No thanks. Daughter? Now we’re talking ...

    • You would fuck your daughter

    • I want to do so naughty things to her . I just love it when she watches me jack and doesn't tell her mom.

    • Lol you no he will come on to give you shit for that post

    • I won't mind seeing you masterbate to the video

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