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So, my wife and I often will see someone on tv or out in public and if they are hot, we will tell the other. We've been married 15 years and are confident in our relationship. We started a new show on Netflix and my wife saw the main character and she said, "Ok, now I'd definitely let him fuck me." I said, "You think he's hot?" She said, "Hell yeah. He could have me anytime he wants."

So about 2 weeks ago, we were getting in the mood and had some porn on. I said, "So, if you had sex with another guy who would it be?" She said, "Probably someone with a big dick." I said, "Why is that?" She said, "Because you have a little dick and I want to feel the difference." Now, I know i'm on the smaller side of average. I'm about 5 inches hard. I said, "How would you determine cock size?" She said, "Well, one of the guys at work, rob, has a big dick and it wouldn't take much to get him into bed." I said, "How do you know he has a big dick?" She said, "Because i've seen it." I said, "Uh, when was that?" She said, "4th of July at the bosses house. He had a pool party. Rob had on a speedo. I said, "And you think he would fuck you?" She said, "I know he would. He hits on me all the time. Even though i told him i was married. I could get him into bed tonight if I wanted to." I said, "Sure you could." She said, "Wanna make a bet?" I said, "What are the stakes?" She said, "If I get him into bed, you have to do all the house chores for a month." I said, "And if not?" She said, "You can fuck anyone you want."

So a week passed. Then while i'm at work she sent me a text. A video file. I watched it on break. It was her with a rather large suction cup dildo attached to a chair and she was fucking it. I sent her a text back saying, "Love the video." She said, "It was practice." I said, "For what?" She said, "I'm going home with rob tonight."

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  • You gonna clean that pussy when she gets home?

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