So my daughter got married just before the Covid lock downs.
The wedding was lovely, went really well. My daughter being 19 married her 21 year old partner of 4 years.
The reception was good, but both of them got incredibly drunk. Nearing the end of the night my daughter was almost completely out and he was close behind. Me and my wife helped get them both back to the hotel room from the function room.
I told my wife i would make sure they are both ok before we leave them, but she could head too our room and start getting ready for bed.
I lay my new son in law on one side of the bed and then lay my daughter on the other. Neither stirred as i did this. My daughter was so hot in her beautiful white wedding dress.
I had to look and found she had a cute white lace panties on. That was it for me. I took off my pants and climbed onto the bed over my daughter. 40 minutes later i headed back to my room after leaving 2 of the biggest loads of my life in my daughter. I left her with a pillow under her hips and undid her new husbands pants to make it look like they fucked.
Now, almost 5 months later, she is expecting a baby girl, and no one else in my family knows it's not his, but mine. I love knowing she is having my baby and has no clue, thinking her husband did it on their wedding night.

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  • I find this story pretty hot! I hope no finds out the truth 😉

  • I support incest but rape is completely wrong!

  • Stop the sick fucking incest propaganda. Now you are raping you daughter on het wedding day. God are you sick.

  • Jesus. You sound like an asshole.

  • He is an ass hole

  • Wow, that is pretty low. But i know many fathers want to fuck their daughters. I'm surprised you never fucked your daughter before?

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