Squirted does the first time hooray!

I don’t have anyone irl to share this with but I somehow squirted for the first time today! I don’t know of anything special that I did to actually squirt. I wasn’t trying to squirt. I was really confused when it happened, but it felt great and I felt a great sense of accomplishment like I’d joined some secret club of squirrels. The best part of it all? I was recording myself masturbating and I got so lucky I caught my first squirt on camera. I’m still trying to process it. Shoutout to g-spot toys that actually work!

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  • Where can I see that video?

  • Yummy

  • Awesome enjoy, don't forget a towel it can get rather messy sometimes, now when you say "I'm wet" it REALLY means something rofl

    My favorite way of coming is g-spot plus clit

  • I just had a woman 1st squirt Happen in my mouth while I was giving her Oral. What a Soaker but I had to swallow most of it!

    Congratulations to Both of you

  • God I love to have a woman squirt pussy juice down my throat.

  • Me too

  • It’s Cool, it’s definitely NOT Piss...just a warm liquid

  • It's piss women who squirt have weak bladders DA

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