In the family

Years ago I fucked my cousin. Several times. I use to fuck her like I hated her. I gave it to her rough as I could do it and I would cum inside her too. My Auntie (my cousins mum) knew about it in the end. Must have heard us fucking at some point lol



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  • You fucking sick incest lovers. You are lousy at writing stupid stories. We are getting sick and tired of hearing about your incest Fantasias. Give it up It will never be accepted in life.

  • I fucked my 11 year old cousin after she walked in my room and caught me jacking off naked wearing her little tiny panties...i was 24 at the time I couldn't believe her panties actually fit me lol..she always had a crush on me and woukd always lay on top of me every chance she could...she was a sexy little 11 year old girl..i can prove it i got pictures...anyway I taught her to jack my dick and suck it after explaining her i was simply jacking off because of I had just watched porn and that's what people do after watching porn ...she had a really fat swelled up pussy for am 11 year old amazing

  • Now you'r a sick incest pedophilic? Wish I knew who the fuck you are. I pray that you get caught for that and family handles it the why I would. A slow and painful death with water boarding involved.

  • Family sex is hot!

  • Family sex is not hot! It's the taboo part that gets you sick fucks off. Rot in hell ass hole.

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