In the family

Years ago I fucked my cousin. Several times. I use to fuck her like I hated her. I gave it to her rough as I could do it and I would cum inside her too. My Auntie (my cousins mum) knew about it in the end. Must have heard us fucking at some point lol



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  • Family sex is hot!

  • My cousin and I (he=male me=female) are almost the same age, and we used to trade oral sex beginning at about age 5. It wasn’t sexual at first (obviously) it just felt nice. I would “lick” him for a minute or two and then he would “lick” me for a minute or so. We were exposed to a pornographic magazine at that age and believed it to be a game. However once we hit 8 or 9 we began to realize that this wasn’t a game, but it still felt great, so we continued. At 11 I got my period and just never felt clean enough for my cousin to lick “down there” but, at 12 or 13 we started up again. Only then we fully knew it was very sexual. The last time I gave him a blow-job he was 16 and had a gorgeous girlfriend whom he cheated on with me, I felt terrible, and never did it with him again! However, you are right it was very hot, and even though I’m married to a wonderful man, I still occasionally go back to the memories of being eaten out by my cousin! Extremely sexy, and gets me over whatever mental block is preventing me from cumming with my husband!

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