Son jerked off in changing room

I've known for sometime now that my 19 year old son has a thing for me,I've found pictures of me stuck together before i just let him carry on i kind of like knowing he cums thinking about me,I wanted to see him in action and got my chance i managed to get him to come swimming with me and walking around the pool he was watching me,it was only us 2 and 2 other women we chatted for 10-15 minutes and he suddenly had to get out and rushed to the men's changing room,I knew what he was going to do and had to be quick i wasn't far behind him i stood just inside the door and we both looked at each other and he pulled down his swim shorts showing me his hard cock and i returned the favour by getting my tits out and he started jerking off,it only took a minute for him to start cumming,we haven't done anything else as he hasn't mentioned since.

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  • Your son needs his meds adjusted.

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  • When I hit puberty, hearing my mom moaning as my dad fucked her always made me horny. I would imagine her sexy body as I jacked off. I didn't think of her as my mom though, just a body I wanted to fuck. Five years later with Covid-19 I had my chance and we fucked. It was so hot fucking the body I had cum so many times thinking of not that long ago.

  • Bull Shit fake lies you know it too lady balls.

  • Lovely, you are very lucky

  • Incest is so hot. i want my gf to fuck her dad

  • 👆you 💩head makes me🤢🤮

  • Hoof-arted?

  • Don't go there Lady balls

  • Shut up Pin Dick

  • Hey Lady Balls you are a dumb idiot. Pindick is one word moron.

  • Alright pencil dick.

  • You must be old lady balls to know that one. Did you figure what lady balls are moron.

  • I don't understand why when he got his hard cock out to show you which took a lot of courage to do something in front of his mother why you did not strip there and then and take his cock in your hand

  • It looks like you are getting turn on by idea to be sexually involved with your son, so best it to let you self enjoy. Go for it

  • You should start wearing your bikini around the house. Get your tits out so your son will beat his meat again. This time play with your pussy, and tell your son to spank out another load so you have time to cum.

  • Jump in bed with him and go nuts

  • Alot of sons are attracted to their mums

  • Thats great

  • That's awesome. Bless you.

    You should go swimming again. Soon.

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