I'm married, have been for 10 years... but I have cheated on my wife from day one. I can't help it. It's not that I don't care about her, I do love her a lot and she's a great human beng, but the one person I've ever been truly in love with is my older sister. We can't explain our connection, we just gave in to our attraction when I was 15 and she was 20 (we're now 20 years older) and have had a secret affair ever since. She's married too, but she's also really in love with me. We started seeing other people to distract from suspicions about us, and it got out of hand. From what I have read here some people went for it and are actually fulfilled in successful, forbidden relationships. But we can't risk it. We don't want to hurt our respective spouses, which is another reason we fear being caught. But we can't help what we feel for each other, it's a love and a sexual chemistry too strong to explain. Making love to each other is the closest thing we know to true, nirvana-like ecstasy. No other romantic or sexual partner has ever compared.


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  • Why would you be caught? Its natural for siblings to spend time together so just make it a thing and there shouldn't be any suspicions unless you go overboard with the PDA.

  • This is a very common story. There are many brothers and sisters who are not able to be together because of societies backwards views. The only way siblings can be together is to move to a different area which is sad. It's about time that related couples should have the same rights as anyone else and shouldn't have to live in secret or live a lie!!

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