Naked in storage locker

My boyfriend and i got a storage locker and the night we went to load it up got interesting to say the least . It was dark when we arrived , kind of spooky with nobody around , we got to the locker , opened it up , and my boyfriend said get naked first , let me see you in here before we fill it up . So i took off everything , standing there naked while he snapped a few shots with his cell , then he said step out ,I didnt want to in case someone came by , but i looked out , and stepped out . He took more pics of me leaning up against our uhaul truck naked . The pace was dark , quiet , not a sole around . He said walk around , i was like your fucking crazy , but it was turning me on , so I did . Walked one end of the lane to the other end . I can tell you it got me very excited . Now every time we go there , i try to do it at night and as soon as we get there , I strip if nobody is around .. I love this place

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