My own fault

I porked my wife's friend, with her blessing one evening in our home. My wife was present and it was with her encouragement that it happened. I don't know why as it was totally out of the blue, think the pair of them had been drinking and cooked it up between them.

A few weeks later my wife was staying over with her friend while I was out of town on business. You can imagine my surprise when I got whats App messages of my wife in a state of undress (Bra and panties) with her friend and her husband. I received another one a few minutes later and she had lost both her bra and panties and was totally naked. I didn't know what to think, however the penny dropped when I received another photo of her with a cock in her mouth, my wife's friends husband was getting even for me fucking his wife and was about to fuck my wife. About 20 minutes later I got another photo and sure enough he was fucking her doggy style. I was really upset however I only had myself to blame.

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  • Once I forced my wife to cuckold group sex with my friend and his wife.

    It was a mistake. Once a lady tastes the enjoyment outside her marriage,

    she is hooked. Now my wife is totally addicted to sex with big cock

    dudes. She comes home with dripping sore vagina and I have lost the sex

    drive for her.

  • Its was all planned out to begin with.

  • Too bad they didn’t video on FaceTime and jerk off while the did it. If you can’t be there to please her at least somebody can be

  • I think your wife can accept some responsibility.

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