J/o at the beach

My wife and I went to the beach for the weekend. I told her I was going to take a walk and if she wanted to come along. She said maybe later and for me to go alone. I walked down to the beach and there were beautiful girls everywhere in little bathing suites.
I couldn’t help but look at the young boobs and asses, not too young though. Watching all the girls , I could feel my dick start to move around. I just wanted to put my hand in my shorts and start wanking.
I then decided to go in the water to cool off.
I went in chest high and noticed the water was pretty cloudy. I pulled my dick out of my shorts and started to jerkoff. I’m maybe 15 feet from a couple girls fooling around in the water. I can see their nice boobs but that’s it, so I assume they can’t see my dick. I get braver and start walking closer to them, with dick in hand.
The girls are fooling around and one pushes the other and she loses her balance, falling backwards towards me. I hold her from going under, but in doing do her hand brushed against my dick. She just looks at me and apologizes. I’m just hoping she doesn’t scream. She goes to her friend to say something and then get out.
Her hand touching my dick then watching to the two walk away and seeing their asses was just too much. I grab my dick and start stroking . It’s not long before I feel the Cum building up and shooting in the water. Looking down I can see the cum floating in the water.
Going to be a nice weekend.

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  • Fuckin perverted slob

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