I Want My Girlfriend’s Mom

I have known my girlfriend’s mom since my girlfriend and I were kids. She had my girlfriend young and is only about 13 years older than me. She is a beautiful white woman. She has the most beautiful brown hair. She has the most beautiful breasts (41ddd) and the softest and roundest ass. She’s kinda short and kinda round but so fucking sexy. Growing up, my girlfriend and I were always just friends. I developed a major crush on her mother. All throughout puberty I would dream of making love to her. I love my girlfriend deeply, but I want her mother. I find myself smelling her mother’s dirty panties and masturbating on her panties and bras. Recently, she let me brush some dirt off her ass. Gosh, it was so soft. Her body is to dream about. Even her toes are beautiful. I want to give her my BBC so bad. She walks around everyday with these amazing camel toes. Sometimes I can even make out her pussy lips. Her ass even swallows her panties. You can often see the slit between her ass cheeks bursting through her sweat pants. Sometimes I want to just walk behind her and press my cock against her ass. Sometimes, she walks around her house with her hard nipples pressing through her shirt. One day, she held a conversation with me in her dinning room with her hard nipples pressing through her nightshirt. She made sure they were visible to me. I just want to have her one time. I have left her notes and erased them. I have sent her messages on social media and deleted them. Sometimes I rub my c**k fantasizing about her leaving her cellphone unlocked with naked pictures of her up so I can f**k myself to her. Ugh, how I long for my girl to just say “f**k my mother and get it out your system.”

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  • I hear you. I've been wanting to fuck my wife's mom since I met her.

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