Helping the homeless too much?

Kind of a long story but this has taken place over the past year and I want to confess: I belong to a volunteer group and once a week we bring bag lunches to a homeless community living under an overpass into the city. I started doing this when I was a few months pregnant and stopped working full-time. As my belly grew so did my boobs and a couple homeless men weren't shy about staring, one even rubbing the front of his pants. It's embarrassing because these men are old, out of shape, some missing teeth and some smell pretty bad, but I began getting aroused by it. After a couple months I decided to start going there occasionally during the week by myself and over time wearing blouses that were lower cut, hoping they could get an innocent glimpse. After I had my baby I started volunteering again because it was nice to get a little break from mothering and my husband was less interested in me while I was getting back in shape and he especially avoided my boobs because I was nursing. So I knew I could get some attention from the homeless men. After a couple weeks back volunteering, I was getting so many compliments about getting my body back in shape and a couple jokes about hopefully keeping my bigger boobs that I decided to try going by myself again. I made a point of wearing a thin white tank top with low cut armholes and neckline. If I turned certain ways or bent over you could definitely see major side boob. I also went during a time of day when many of the homeless community were out begging so the group was much smaller. A group of men were sitting and talking and I went over with my bag of sandwiches and started bending over to pass them out, definitely flashing here and there. I then kneeled down to talk to them and would find reasons to reach across or do anything that would cause my top to expose me a little more. By now they were used to me and again there was some joking about my big boobs. Again I was getting aroused and suddenly they started leaking. My nipples were really noticeable as the wet spots got bigger. I had left my jacket in the car so I couldn't easily cover myself and the remarks were getting more graphic. I was getting a little nervous and scared, but still getting very aroused. I quickly said I had to go and they were chuckling as I trotted off back to the safety of my car. I sat there for a while, collecting my thoughts as I put some napkins over my tits to help soak up the milk. My car was parked in an area with very little activity except on weekends when there is a football game at the nearby stadium. The parking lot is under a highway and there's really nothing nearby but some abandoned businesses and remnants of tailgating parties. Checking to be sure no one was around, I reclined my seat and started thinking about those men touching me and licking my nipples. I was disgusted by the looks and smell of them, but this aroused me even more. I slid my hand down my jeans and my p#ssy was really wet. Rubbing my clit, I came very hard, very fast. I masturbated for a while, continuing to orgasm over and over. I did not go back for a couple weeks and when I returned with my volunteer group, I didn't stay long because some of the men were making remarks and I didn't want my fellow volunteers to hear. During the following week, I masturbated many, many times thinking of the men sucking my tits and I finally returned mid-week with sandwiches by myself. I wore a button down blouse so I could be as modest or revealing as I felt once I knew how it was like being there again. One man caught me alone when I was throwing away some trash, he briefly chit-chatted, but I noticed he had his hand down his pants, rubbing his dick. He asked if he could see my naked tits, that he hadn't seen tits in years. I hesitated but after saying, just look no touching, I unbuttoned my blouse a little and let it fall open. I thought I would orgasm right then and there. No pun intended but it was really stroking my ego to have a man seriously getting off looking at my boobs while my husband had been avoiding them. He had his back to any possible onlookers, and his body hid me (and my boobs) from obvious view, but his masturbating became more obvious and I felt worried. I buttoned a couple buttons and trotted off, calling a quick bye-bye to everyone. When I got to my car I couldn't get in fast enough. As always, there was no one around so I reclined my seat and slipped one hand in my blouse, pinching my nipple and feeling it leaking. My other hand was down my jeans rubbing my clit hard. I had my eyes shut as I imagined all the homeless men watching me. Suddenly there was a tapping on the window and I panicked thinking it was a cop or something but it was the homeless man, Bobbo. He had his dick out and asked me to put down the window. I lowered it only a couple inches and he asked if I could keep masturbating. I hesitated but then I made sure my doors were locked and put my hand back down my jeans. Watching him watching me, it didn't take long for me to orgasm. He was still jerking off and asked me to open my shirt and keep rubbing my pussy. I did and came again. He was grunting as he jerked off and I could even smell him, but I've never felt so aroused. Once he came, I said I have to go and buttoned my blouse and took off. I went home and asked the baby sitter to stay a little longer while I took a shower. I felt like I was really dirty but brought myself off another time before getting dressed and letting the baby sitter go home. I haven't gone back yet but I've been fantasizing about all the men watching me masturbate, then I think about them nursing on my boobs. I don't want sex with them but I love the idea of them watching me or playing with my tits. This is so arousing but I don't know what to do. I'm afraid but excited.


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  • Your steamy story aroused me to the point of needing to be one of your homeless men - especially the last one.
    I want to watch you masturbate thru your car door window as I stroke my cock uncontrollably, excited that you’re watching me, until we both cum.

  • Enjoy yourself, but careful, they are going to want sex with you.

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