First time drunk

This may sound unbelievable, but up until a year ago, my wife of 13 years had never been drunk. At least not in front of me or that she had ever told me about. She grew up a very religious house. Her dad is a catholic priest and she attended the catholic school. My parents attended the catholic church and asked if I would help the church out constructing a nativity scene for Christmas. I agreed and that's how I met my future wife.

Thirteen years down the road I decided we should celebrate our anniversary with some wine. I picked out several desserts wines as I knew my wife would never drink anything harder. We were having a great time, the kids at the grandparents house we quickly finished off the bottles. I could tell my wife was getting quite tipsy because her whole demeanor had changed. She was very talkative and very flirty. She obviously had no idea she was getting drunk because she commented how good the wine was and we should open another bottle. The more the second bottle disappeared, the more talkative she became. She was talking dirty and using word I thought I would never hear come out of her mouth.

I'm guessing she was full on drunk when she asked me what my fantasy was. Not sure how to answer that, I turned the question back on her. She smiled with this devilish grin and asked if I really wanted to know. I respond and said sure, not really expecting what she was about to say. She leaned in close and whispered "I want to fuck you and another man at the same time".

I was fucking floored. I couldn't believe what my catholic church going wife was telling me. Now I am not that into the church. My parents are, but I always fought with them about attending. I drink, I cuss, I like sex, I do all the deadly sins, but my wife is as straight as they come. Church every Sunday, even without me. She works for the church. She does fundraisers for the church, she sings in the church choir. If anyone wants a threesome, it would be me, or my wholesome wife of 13 years.

I assured her she was just saying that because she was drunk, but she was adamant that she had always wanted to fuck two guys, she just didn't want to tarnish her reputation. I decided to take a quick video of her and told her to tell her sober self what her fantasy was. Sure enough she looked into my phone and told her sober self not to be shy and tell me her fantasy was to be with two men.

The next day she woke with a hangover. She didn't fully understand why she was so sick and her head was hurting. Obviously she didn't remember much from the previous night and blamed me for getting her drunk. I decided then would be a good time to show her the video. She sat stared at my phone with a blank expression on her face. When the video concluded she covered her face in her hands. I asked her if it were true, but she didn't answer. I told her it was nothing to be ashamed of and that I wasn't mad. She just needed to be honest with me and herself. She finally exploded and said yes that she had always had a fantasy of having sex with two men at once. She had only ever had sex with me, but wondered what it would be like with someone else. She didn't want to leave and she didn't want me upset, so her fantasy was to have sex with me and another man.

After many many many discussions, we finally decided we should do it. I booked a vacation getaway for the both of us to Las Vegas for a week. I figured it would be the best place to find a willing participant. Sure enough, on the third day there we found a nice hotel worker who was willing to have sex with my wife with me in the room. We arranged the night and met him at our room. We had both been drinking wine and my wife was drunk once again. I never realized how my wife could act.

She quickly stripped her clothes off and demanded we do the same. She grabbed this guy by his cock and pulled him over to the bed where she sat on the edge and took his dick in her mouth. She sucked and massaged his balls like I had never seen. Then she took his hand and shoved it between her legs. He started fingering her and i could tell she really liked it. She demanded I hand her a condom, which I did. She rolled it on his dick and demanded he fuck her now. She laid back and a few seconds later he was pushing his dick inside my wife. I meanwhile got on the bed next to my wife's mouth. She quickly took my dick and started sucking. I watched as another man fucked my wife's pussy while she sucked on my dick. It was unbelievable how she moved into a few different positions taking us both in her. One of the last positions ended with her on her hands and knees with me in her mouth and this guy in her pussy. We fucked like that for awhile until we all finished.

The next day my wife demanded that what we had done should never be spoken off or repeated again. She had wanted to see what it was like to have sex with another man and she had fulfilled that need. She then returned to her wholesome life as a mother and a Christian. Who knew my wife had a little slut buried deep inside her.


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  • Never know what you might learn. Found out my wife will come during anal on ambien. She sometimes takes an ambien with her wine. Like sleep walking. VERY open to suggestions and NO inhibitions...or memory. I haven't shared her yet, but have posted 4 close up videos of playing with her while passed out. Turn your sound up and you can hear how wet she is! She has no idea I have these of her, much less have posted her and share thoughts with others...I get off knowing guys are getting off to her...especially when they tell me or send me a video of them shooting a load to one of her videos... sample of that below. Might let a guy taste her and cum on her like that sometime.

    Here is a little Foreplay to get started with and i have more. let trade

  • Email is if you would like more...

  • I love it!! Wish more wives would try it.

  • Her dad is a priest? Wtf? Priests can’t have kids as a priest.

  • She certainly had something buried deep inside her.

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