A crossdressers knight in shinny armmer

Hi everyone out there it's Cassie well I get wright to it last Saturday night I got all dressed up mini skirt pantyhose low cut top my 6 inch heels and went out with the girls we two a couple of clubs having a great time and then a guy followed us out and of all us he grab my arm and said hey bitch why can't I buy you a drink I said because I didn't want to and starts to drag me back the girl are screaming like her go and I am screaming he same than all of a sudden we stop and all I see was this huge beautiful black man had hold of this guy and told you better let go of her this beautiful man must have 6 ft.5in. Tall very broad shouldered and the holding me let go of me and ran away than he ask me if I was ok I am a mess at this point and I hug him and thank him. So he went into the bar to the bathroom and I got my self together and I told the girls I wanted to thank guy again fix my makeup and we all went got table order a drink and I turn around there was a beautiful mountain of a man standing there and all I could was hug him thank you again he ask me to join him for drink I said yes of course he pulled the chair out and slide under me it so nice so about hour past and girls come over and said they getting ready to go and he I will make she home safely I told them go I knight in shinny armmer so they left and shortly after that we left and we went to the beach he said let's take a walk so went to get and I told him I can't in the sand with my heels he take them off so we walk out on the beach and just stood there and the moon the water the sound it was so perfect and than he pulled my hair off my shoulder and kiss it then he kissed my neck sent chills down all way to my toes and whispered in my ear you r sexy and from than on it was on he went got a ballet out of he car and put down he sat first and I sat down between his levs than he moved to the side I laid down and started to kiss me rub my legs and I just got so horny it just felt so right I started to rub his chest than I want down farther and farther until I got to his cock and rug on that for awhile then I on snap his pants pulled out this huge cock and played with it for a little while and got down there and it was so large I could only get his head of his cock in my mouth and after awhile of sucking his cock he rolledomera over and pulled my pantyhose off rolled me on my knees pulled my panties to the side and eat me out it was butafew minutes I had a orgasm and then he started to slide that massive cock inside me and was so gentle about it it never hurt me he very thick and I guessing it 10 inches long he started to make love to me throw the hole thing he never once called me any nasty names except sexy baby women and a couple of times told me I had some really go pussy I ask him one time is all inside and he grab my hips and gently pulled me back and said all my cock is in you and when he said and started take those lot orgasm in my life ng strokes in side me I had the biggest orgasm in my life and than he ask where I want his cum and that time I wanted to feel his hot cum inside me so that what I told him and he pulled me back on that huge cock and shot a huge huge load of cum deep inside me and after that we just laid there and he thank me overs over I said no I want to thank for saving and making love to me believe or not he did make love on that beach. It was the perfect end to a night out he is giant of man but gentle as a baby so after laying there for and hour we got got dressed and he took home and walked to my door and gave a big kiss good night and asked for my number and told it was the best night he has ever had and love to see me more so I told next Saturday night my treats he grab gentle and kissed me again and to get a inside so I did and I look out the kitchen window he waved and I waved bye that night I am so glad my Knight in shinny armmer was there to save me


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  • Were you still drunk or tripping when you wrote this ? That's terrible typing, even for you ! Oh, and, it's Shiny Armor, just in case the imaginary creosote log occurs to you, again.

  • You naughty girl Cassie!! But I loved your story.

  • Thank you

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