I nearly lost control of my urges

I've been volunteering to take my nieces to their dance classes for the last several months. When I was babysitting recently I told the girls to give me a demonstration of what they had been learning so I could collect some masturbation material. The 7 and 5 year olds scampered up to their shared bedroom and I followed. When i got up to their room I only had eyes for the 7 year old in her tight orange leotard. It was amazing how it hugged tightly her ribs and flat tummy, cradled her perfect tight ass, and showed off just enough skin to tease, and totally bared those perfectly formed legs and feet. The only thing was that her purple panties were bunched up and poking out of either side of thr crotch of the thing.

I made my disappointment known and suggested that she take the panties off so the leotard would look like it fit better. She told me to turn around while she did so. Of course I looked early. When I did she had just pushed her underwear down around her ankles and was completely bent over presenting both of her holes to me. I froze in shock, my erection painful. She remained perfectly still, caught by surprise. I reached out toward her, my hand so close I could feel the heat coming off of her virgin sex.

Then the pipes in the wall knocked together loudly and knocked my senses back into my head. My niece pulled her leotard back up and I hurried downstairs without a word. I burst into the bathroom and furiously jerked off with a small Rapunzel towel pressed against my face. I thought about smearing my cum on some bread and making the girls peanut butter sandwiches, but I didn't. That's the closest I've come to completely losing control.

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  • I would have found her panties later and kept them to sniff and jerk off

  • Your dangerous.Lets hope others around you realize it.

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