I'm cheating on my husband

I have a friend I met at work. I enjoyed working with the person a lot bot she got fired. We stayed in touch and started going to lunch when I had a day off. Things sort of progressed one day when we kissed. Then I ended up at her place and we kissed more and I found myself naked with her. We continued to kiss and touch. Then she went down on me and it was so good. We performed 69 and that was wonderful and exciting. She makes me feel awesome. I don't want to stop. I enjoy being with her a lot. I still have sex with my husband but he doesn't touch me the same way. With him he acts more like we are just actors doing a porno. He slaps my ass and grabs my hair forcing me down on him. I have told him that is not tender. He said that I should do it cause he likes this. I asked what about what I want. He doesn't care about me and how I feel. Makes me feel like a God damn whore most of the time. She is very soft and tender and understanding. You don't need a penis to please a woman. Sometimes I feel like leaving him. She has asked me to move in with her and I am really considering it. My husband is not going to change. He is a beer guzzling , cheese steak eating, football watching , bearded , man's sort of man. There is not a tender bone in his fat ass body. What should I do?

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  • Your husband sounds like a slob, kick him to the curb.

  • Leave him. Now!!! I had two gfs before I met my husband. He was a nice guy. Gentle and a good provider but then the sex became so stale. I called up one of my ex gfs and we’ll a month later I filed for a divorce. That was a year ago and next month (of this Damn virus doesn’t mess it up) my gf and I will be married.

  • My wife's girlfriend was too rough sex with her husband, my wife told me.
    Sometimes she's in the mood but most times he gets carried away.
    She is really hot and is thinking of leaving him. I hit on her and we go parking -- she lets me play with her big tits -- I get her naked and go down on her, she stops me 'no here, not here' -- Then till next time.
    She calls me, lets get a room. I need to be with a normal guy. I fuck her 3 times but before we leave. " I have something to tell you. I was suspicious of your Wife Jill and my guy. I set up a hidden security camera -- he was beating the crap out of Jill while fucking her -- she seemed into it. I may want to use the vid to show my lawyer how crazy he is. they usually seal these things pretty well I understand."

  • I cheated many times on mine. It seems to get easier so why the fuck not. Before we were engaged I'd fuck a friend of ours and carried on after we got engaged. And the best still I fucked him on my wedding night,sounds unbelievable but I swear its true. Let's put it this way my husband is a lightweight and wasn't in a state to do the marriage night deed.

  • Im 29 and married and I work in a city Monday to Friday and go home at the weekend. I rent the spare room of a 26 year old single guy. We get on too well. I miss sex with my hubby and grow extremely horny in the evenings. I walked straight into his room one evening and ask if he wanted sex. He questioned wether me being married was an issue,I said it won't be. It's the best no strings sex a girl could ask for. He has great lasting stamina and his appetite for sex is unbelievable. We have sex every night and sometimes in the mornings. I always sleep naked and we mostly just sleep in the same bed too. I usually wake feeling so content from a good fuck the night before that I just start the day by sucking him off,something I never did to my hubby,if we have time he rolls on top of me and gives my a nice wake up fuck. I once took a week off and I was meant to go home but my hubby didn't know so I stayed and my roomie took some days off too. We fucked up to 4 times a day.

  • Cheating Bitch!! WIsh I knew your Husband, I would tell him so he could Divorce your Ass!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes I admit I am a cheating bitch but it's 2020 get with the times.

  • I never thought I would cheat on my husband. But I joined a gym and got into incredible shape in my late 30's while my husband is a workaholic with a growing beer belly. I was shocked at the looks I got from guys especially the younger ones. Then even more shocked at guys showing interest and flirting with me and being very flattering. Some even asked me out. I never thought I'd give into temptation either. I thought fuck it and went on a few dates with guys. Thought it was harmless fun. But it led to more. I forgot how much I missed sex,really incredible sex. In a short time I went through several guys and it was amazing. Still do it on occasion to this day.

  • I need to go to the gym lol

  • Yes you should.

  • You fucking hairy legged lesbos make me want to vomit. Why don't you tell your husband what you are doing. Sicko!

  • Your man sounds like a... man.

    Decide which you want more, or keep having both.

    Good luck.

  • Take some time don't rush into things. Things always seem greener you know. I found out the hard way myself. I thought this other woman was netter than my wife. Boy was I wrong. My life is so miserable now. I wish like hell that I had stayed with my first wife. I wish I had just not done anything. I would be much better off. The woman I am currently married to is so jealous. She accuses me of wanting just about every woman I have any contact with. Not only that she won't give me a moments piece. She stays with me and goes just about every where with me. She bitches at me all the time about everything. I don't feel like a man anymore. I want to end this relationship but the divorce cost me so much that I won't recover for about another 5 long years.

  • Live the life you want to live, our society puts so much pressure on us to live a certain way and so many people get trapped in unhappy situations.. it doesn’t have to be that way for you as long as you can afford to live without him..just be open and honest and try to remain true to yourself. Best of luck

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