I want to be kidnapped, kept tied up and gagged

I have a fantasy of being kidnapped, tied up and gagged . edged and not being let to come. keep me naked, in neoprene, compression leggings, jocks in NC

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  • Honestly me to hey if anyone wants to talk about shit like this or anything else my instagram is @luciferspussii

  • Never mind all the closet serial killers replying to you. I would gladly kidnap you and abuse the shit out of you then drop you off near a major city and do it all over once you get back home. No need to murder anything other than your butt hole.

  • I will kidnap you but you must realize that afterwards you will die. I promise you will suffer greatly and wish you were dead long before you are. I will do things that no sane person could possible think of doing to your body. I have the perfect place I use away from eyesight and earshot. This means you can scream as loudly as you wish and no risk on my part. When I finish what's left of you will be processed away with. But the pain of it shall linger on for eternity. If you want me to get you let me know by responding back to this post. All I can promise you is pain and anguish and my utmost attention to your torture.

  • Omg can u text me on Instagram @ Luciferspussii

  • I’m high on Tuna now have compression leggings on with a ball gag

  • Would I be kept drugged? Kept high on Tina?

  • Not drugged. I like my play things to feel what I am going to do to them. I will put as large of a ball as I can into your mouth to muffle your screams. Once I start I will not stop until I am finished with all my activities I have planned for each session. I like using things like a hammer and a yawl. Plyers and wire cutters. A propane torch and copper wire. I would love to spend some time with you.

  • I would love to make that happen for you and more. Except you know once I do this I can't ever release you. Don't worry no one would ever find you ever again. Or your remains. Just kidding. No I'm not. Yes I am, No he's not run quickly and hide now.

  • Well, can I get expect to be kidnapped and totally immobilized soon?

  • Give me your email that's all I need to find you. Yes I will make your dreams come true.

  • I'll help hide the body for some fun with the OP time. I will bring my Sawzall to help dismember the body.

  • Why dismember the body. Keep me around for awhile

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