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I'm 27, married, and a stay at home mom with a 3 yo boy. A woman bought a house down the street and I befriended her. She is 32 and has a 2 year old girl, but I saw her jogging and walking her dog and made friends. She just got divorced, but she made out well financially to live here.

We chatted and we had major friendship chemistry. We talk about our kids, pets, and I found out that she is into art and other things that I like. She also knows a lot of guys. Handsome guys. My husband's libido dropped after our child was born, and he works really long hours. He is always too tired.

I've been getting sex with my neighbor friend and the guys that she knows. I go over at least once a week, and we screw her guy friends. We've actually had three at a time. My husband has no idea about this, but if he can't keep up, I don't have an issue with getting it elsewhere. I feel a little guilty about it, of course. I don't like being dishonest.


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  • You two ladies are real good neighbors for sharing the way that you do. Must have been more than satisfied and worn out having those three new friends to play with, that one day. Wonder if there are any other wives in the neighborhood that would enjoy joining your "morning coffee club"?

  • I think you should move in with your neighbor down your street. It's way more fun there.

  • Did you two have a lesbian fling as well cuz that would be hot.

  • Thata girl

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