Well David and I have been married for several months and he works for his father that owns a construction co.

David works on a crew and his foreman's name is Roger and he is a handsome man but he is a real jerk thinking he is women's dream come true and I cant stand him.

He knows this and he constantly teases me with bold suggestions and I cant stand to be around him .

He sometimes calls me during the day because Dad stores some material in our back shed and he sometimes sends one of his crew over to pick up this or that.

As I said I despise the SOB but he is a good looking guy and all although I feel very uncomfortable around him .

Not long ago though he showed up at my door and I just opened it a crack when I saw who it was but I tried to be polite so when he asked if he could come in I let him but I had my guard up ready to defend myself if he got out of hand and he said I sent David over to Fairfield this morning and he wont be home on time..

I said thank you but I am busy so thanks again but I know that you must be busy so good by but he just sat there with a grin on his face and said I was thinking that it was time we got to know each other a little better Sharon.

I was clearly uncomfortable now but I said then come back sometime when David is here and he laughed saying hey kid I have seen you sneaking glances at me when you thought nobody was looking and now he had stood and was right in front of me with that confidant smile of his and I could feel my face flush but I was mad .

I said you conceited bastard please leave or I will call the cops and he grabbed my wrist and tried to pull me to him and I slapped is face leaving my handprint on his cheek and he slapped me and knocked me to the floor then he helped me back on my feet and I tried to slap him again but he pulled me to him and he kissed me holding my arms to my side as I struggled .

He was still kissing me and his tongue was up against my teeth as I fought back .

His body was tight up against mine now and my breasts were tight against his chest and I struggled silently I was breathing hard now fighting him.

When I gasped for breath his tongue slipped into my mouth and I tasted his hot tongue and I don't know what came over me but I remember calling him a bastard but then my arms circled his neck and he kissed me deeply sucking my tongue and I could feel his rigid cock up against my belly.

My body betrayed me now and I was shocked to feel my body responding to his now and he had my blouse open and had freed my breasts then he was sucking my nipple and I was trying to unbutton his shirt as we clawed at each other then he lifted me off my feet and carried me into my bedroom and he tossed me onto the bed like a rag doll I was gasping for breath watching him undress and I began to remove my cloths all me resistance gone now and all I wanted was to feel him inside of me.

His cock was bigger than David's and it had a foreskin that was partially covering the head of his cock as it strained upward and it pulsed upward with every beat of his heart then he pushed me back onto my back and I was no longer resting my mind was afire now with the need to breed .

I opened my legs wide as he moved between my legs and I watched his cock swing back and fourth as he moved between my thighs I was gasping for breath and he was to as he took his cock in his hand and rubbed the head of his cock up and down my slit then he positioned it in my opening and I watched craning my neck upwards as he entered me with a quick thrust of his hips and there was a sharp pain as his larger cock head forced its way into me but then his hot cock was postponing in me and he looked slightly demented looking down at me biting his lower lip his face locked in a snarl.

I was frightened but I was also excited as I felt my orgasm grow inside of me with his fast strokes and I felt the friction burn and my heels were on the bed and I was using them to force my hips up to meet his thrusts now no longer trying to control anything I was just enjoying the sensation My body convulsed in orgasm and I cried out but Roger never even slowed down as I tried to hold him tight as I came but he kept fucking me wildly .

I was gasping for breath but very soon I was again grunting and thrusting my body up against his until I came a second time then Roger was Cumming deep inside of me but my mind was out of control and after he was spent I rolled him onto his back and I rode his shrinking cock.

I rode him until he slipped out of me but I turned around and I sucked his cock in my mouth as he lay there gasping for breath as I fingered my pussy to a third orgasm I sucked him hard again and we fucked more leisurely this time and I was ashamed of myself but I couldn't control myself either as I called him a bastard and every vile name I could thing of as he laughed looking at me but then I was kissing him as he mauled my breasts.
he came a second time and both of us were famished so I made some sandwiches and we ate in the bed then we fucked again and he left.

I agreed when he asked if he could come back again and we have been doing this for over two months now and David has never acted like he is suspicious.

I am sure that he will stop someday and be gone from my life and I both regret the thought but I am also looking forward to it.


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  • An interesting combination of emotions. You couldn't stand him. You couldn't stand being around him. You were uncomfortable around him. His attitude bugged you. His constant teasing and bold suggestions bugged you. So did his presumption. Yet you couldn't ignore his good looks. And as he said, you did steal looks. He knew how you felt about him. He also knew that his attentions were sinking in; he knew that you were being moved by all this. He was also able to judge when you were ready to cave.

    Your resentment, nervousness and disgust are clear. But I wonder ... How much of that resentment, anger, nervousness, etc. were because at some level, you KNEW that he was right in his assumptions about you, and that YOU knew that HE KNEW his erotic onslaught MADE you feel the power of your sexuality?

    Roger showed you much truth about yourself. I think that's a large part of what made you most angry. Do you agree? What are your thoughts?

  • I did not look at it that way but you could be right .
    I still hate to be around him and he is one good looig asshole

  • Let him knock you up.

  • Hurts so good. Come on baby make it hurt so good. Sometimes love don't feel like it should. You make it hurt so good.

  • Just enjoy it.

  • You hate him so much you fucked him AND made him a sandwich. You're an easy bitch !

  • You cheating slut ;)

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