Box of toys

My mum asked me to fit a blind in my sister bedroom I said I will do it on my day of.
My sister is 14 goes to a good school she is very shy and very polite basically the complete opposite of me.
Before fitting the blind I pulled the bed away from the window and there was a shoe box I pushed it away with my foot and the lid came of and that’s when my mouth dropped open, she had a collection of eight different sex toys eight ffs.

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  • You need to hide a small camera, or two, in your sister's bedroom....for her own protection. You need to make sure she isn't going to do any harm to can always say.

  • Had an affair with a cute chubby married babe 39. Tits the size of cantaloupes, ass like those small watermelons, and wide but flat belly. Fucked on top like a cowgirl in heat. She said check out my toys. I'm like huh, Legos? And she got out 2 beer boxes filled with sex toys. I'm thinking WTF, she has hubby and the toys -- what does she need me for? Then she fucked my virgin ass with one. Now I get it. ex softball catchers -- watch your ass.

  • Wife tryed loads but got her Vibrate Nìpple Sucker G Spotter Sucking Toys Oral Simulator with Waterproof Clitorìal Stimulation for her birthday has loads fun with made me redundant lol still just as well likes watching me shot load over boobs

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  • Ex gf had one drawer under her bed full of her sex toys.
    She had a fine collection of costumes too.
    Nymphomaniac wanted fucking all the time.
    Lasted a while then I got bored

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  • Nothing wrong with that. Girls need to materbate just like teenage boys do. She's lucky to have such a collection of toys. I caught my little sister using the handle of her hair brush, and a toilet plunger handle, and she loved to straddle the corner of the washing machine when it was running.

  • Caught my sister on the washing machine once. Put my fingers in her, she said she liked it. She came. She let me jerk off in front of her.

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