Why does my girlfriend freak out if I see any kind of nudity of her but when we are fucking she can’t spread her legs wide enough for me, she is a proper slut in bed but if I was to see her with a bra on she will tell me not to look and close the door?

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  • I'll agree, women have there own insecurities that us men are not to ever understand.
    I have two teenage daughters, one you can't keep clothes one here when shes at home, the other dresses like a nun. As for my wife, when we're alone together she dresses and acts like a cheap whore slut. I love it. However when the kids are home, or have company, or go out in public, she dresses more conservative then the preachers wife.

  • While dating wife her early 20's she dressed like a whore. Twice she was offered money for sex. Went to this huge club and the bouncer wouldn't let me in. Said I was bound to get in fight with her sheer see through top -- no bra and micro mini. "we'll wave the $5 cover for her, but you can't come in." Now she mocks the young neighbor who wears tops that show her bra straps. We were going to another club and I stopped at K Mart --'be back in 5 minutes -- listen to the Rolling Stones cassette.' And I bought her a bra and made her put it on.
    her -- but people will see my tits if I take my top off and put it on.
    me -- you say that like they can't see them now.
    and has nice big tits. -- but for me to see back then.

  • Your wife is a keeper

  • She is very in secure

  • Maybe shes insecure about body, slap that ass and say she fine. eat it like an apple fritter.

  • On the other hand, we were at my wife's sister's one weekend. She walked through the house a couple of times only wearing her bra and panties. "Y'all have seen me in skimpier bikinis than this." she said. My wife said "but those bikinis weren't almost see thru!". They both were right.

  • My mom was the same way. She'd totally freak out if I walked in on her in the nude, yet at night she'd sneak into my bedroom, strip naked, and let me do all sorts of nasty things to her. Used to piss me off, till I learned that what we did together was not normal, or legal.

  • Nor true

  • She's unusual. I've been in a few relationships, and outside of the women not wanting to be seen taking a shit, nudity was never a problem. I'd tell her to lighten up.

  • Because that is the logic of women. It only gets worse after you get married. I been married to my wife for 20 years. If I'm in the shower and she walks in, no big deal. If she's in the shower and I walk in, oh my God, get out I'm naked. Yet she doesn't mind me seeing her naked when we have sex. I don't know dude, women are strange.

  • It's called having personal space..

  • But, she doesn't respect his "personal space" because he isn't expected to have any ? Ridiculous double standards ! Look, it's only a matter of time before she leaves the bathroom door open while taking a huge dump. If he glances in, she'll probably scream , " Don't look, and shut the door ! " No, bitch, you shut the door and for fuck's sake, use some fucking air freshener !

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