My sister locks me in a chastity cage

I’m a man and I want my sister to lock my cock in a chastity cage and hold the key. I want her to sexually tease me and make my balls full of of cum and control me and make me her sex slave. I want to get on my knees and kiss her ass and then pull her asscheeks apart and put my tongue in her asshole and taste it. She can tease me with her sheer lingerie and I will beg to suck on her her nipples and I crave to see her shaved pussy. I want to do all kinds of things with her pussy including spanking it with my bare hand, punishing her clitoris, teasing it with my fingers and tongue, taking pictures of it to blackmail her, and cumming on it with my hard and full cock. But I’m not sure how much sexual freedom I have if my sister has me locked up in chastity and I think I am her sex slave...!

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  • So you're a wimpy girly man who likes to be dominated?

  • I have fantasies of dominating others and also being dominated myself. I have other chastity fantasies and thoughts of being locked up by females other than my sister, but it’s all fantasy stuff that I would never do in real life. It’s fun to think of someone else in control of my cock and balls and me being helpless and subservient to them.

  • Go for it ask her to be your keyholder am sure she will and both of you will enjoy it

  • I would enjoy it in my fantasy because I would be subservient to my sister and essentially helpless with my cock locked up and under her control. She would be a total Bitch to me and just smile at me all the time because she would know how much I want to cum. I would have to get on my knees and beg her for sexual relief and I’m sure she would also make me do other things when I am on my knees and locked in a chastity cage.

  • You would really enjoy being submissive it is just fantastic being locked in a cock cage

  • Time to tie up your sister and F her , F the crap out of her and cum .

  • By all means, fuck your sister ! The sweat that will form on your balls is known as "relative humidity".

  • Yes, that is a lovely thought and maybe give her a spanking also. Sometimes she is a real Bitch is she needs to get her ass punished and maybe that will straighten her out? Or maybe she needs that spanking on her pussy and tits to get her attention.

  • Have you fucked your sister? If so what happened the first time

  • No, I’ve never fucked her, just a fantasy of her controlling me and my cock and when I can cum. It seems so erotic to be subservient to her and being horny and helpless and having to submit to her. I guess I also have fantasies of controlling her and being able to sexually punish her body and making her my Bitch.

  • Have you expressed this idea to your sister? Maybe she would enjoy doing that?

  • No, I haven’t expressed the idea to my sister and I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t be into something like that.

  • You never know. I doesn't hurt to ask.

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