Hello this is Monica again

Hi everyone if you have ever read any of our other posts you know that I am a shared wife and have been for awhile.
Danny a young guy that lives down the street and has mowed our yard for a couple summers now is all grown up and he Joined the Army after high school and is home now from boot camp .
His unit is going through some special training when he leaves this time and will be sent to Afghanistan for his tour of duty.
We invited him over last night for dinner and to see how he has been doing and he and Jon went outside to the back yard talking while I cleaned up the dishes .
It took awhile but I was finished with the dishes when John came in and grabbed me from behind and cupped my breasts nuzzling my neck and I was laughing and asked my my what brought this on and he kissed the back of my neck and he said Danny says he has the hots for you and has for a couple years want to give him a little head.
I had known by the way he watched me that he had a crush on me but he was so young I stopped and stood there thinking about it and hell he was going into harms way so I said OK are you going to watch and he said I don't think he would be very comfortable with that why don't I just tell him its ok and I will wait out back.
When Danny came in I looked at him in a new light and he had turned into a very handsome young man.
I kissed him lightly on the lips and he was quiet and a little nervous but I laughed and said hey relax I wont bite just nibble a little and he laughed to as I wondered just how to go about it now and he blurted out can I see your tits?
I looked hi in the eye as I unbuttoned my blouse and unhooked my bra letting it fall to the floor and he mads a strangled sound in his throat and pulled me to him and started sucking on my breasts.
it felt sooo good and I was laughing now telling him to take it easy his tongue felt vey good then we got carried away and we were teat
ring at each others clothes until his pants were around his ankles and I was on my knees between his open legs as he sat at the kitchen table as I stroked his hard cock. god youth is wonderful and his cock looked positively beautiful I know how men like to suck on my breasts but to let you know I feel the same way about a mans cock so I was soon sucking him my head bobbing up and down in his lap and it only took a short time until he was Cumming and I tasted his unsoiled sperm as I swallowed his thick offering.
he came for a long time then his cock was just throbbing as he tried to cum more but he was still as hard as a rock so I quickly stepped out of my panty's and I mounted his cock rubbing my clit with my finger and within 5 minutes I was Cumming to.
Well after I finished my hair was hanging in my face but Danny was still hard so I asked him if he could cum again and he said he almost did just when I came but it felt like he could so I stood and put my hands on the table and said quick do it again and he was soon being me with his cock in me and it felt really good as he began to roughly fuck me I glanced over and I saw my hubby peeking around the door watching us as Danny began to grunt thrusting against me in rough strokes and I felt his cock swell up and he stopped pulling me tight against him for long moments then his cock began to spurt his juices in me as he began to stroke slowly gasping for breath.
Well today He is some where between here and Missouri where he is going to train for 6 weeks and he will stop by before he leaves for Afganistan and maybe we will do it again.

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  • May I see pictures of you?

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