Spying on Mother

For about four years , in my teens, I window peeped on my mother as she prepared for her evening shower or just undressed before going to bed. Once, I was able to climb onto the central air-conditioner unit so I could see in the bathroom window. I got the complete show for long enough to go from start of masturbatory session, all the way to explosive shot! I also had the opportunity to see dad drilling her on several occasions. I was jealous. I wanted it to be my member gliding back and forth in her sweet bushy slit.

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  • We have folding closet doors, so they open up a good 6 feet. My mom always has her back to the window facing her open closet when she puts on her bra in the morning. My bedroom closet is on the other side of my mom's. I drilled a hole in the wall so I could see her perfect tits naked every morning.

  • My mom brought it on by how sexy she sounds when she has an orgasm. Because she's very attractive with a great body, I can't help wanting to fuck her. I try to catch her fucking so I can jackoff listening to her. It makes me kind of jealous it's not me fucking her, but imagining I'm fucking her is good enough.

  • Poor Oedipas, Dad's cock-blocking him !

  • Hi, its natural to be sexually attracted to your mother. But you need to be careful what you do next.

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