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Heyo! A few months ago my room mate (who is also F, late 20's very petitie) got me a body wand per my request as a gift for graduating. We are both really close and rather open about our sex lives, and she certainly has no reservations talking to me about her boyfriends package. We even have an ongoing joke, as we are both bisexual, that when I turn a certain age I can "shoot my shot" with her taking it seriously. Still thinking about how I am going to do that lol.

Anyways, I got distracted, so she got me this little small battery operated bodywand. Now I assumed it was from Spencer's or something because it was small and looked pretty cheap. Come to find out this toy was like $28! The wand lasted me a good while, with numerous batteries changes but the settings werent too good and changing them was a hassle. Well.. About a month or so in; it decides it wants to cut in out. Now having been introduced into this wonderful world of vibrations that wasnt from warm water from a shower head I was itching to get a new one.

Thoughts of getting a cheap one from Spencer's crossed my mind, but I never got around to going to the mall to get one. Flash forward to me in Wal-Mart, grabbing a travel size lube for an upcoming trip with my boyfriend when I notice that they sell a vibrator! I was beyond baffled! It was the last one on the shelf, $25.99, and is called the Plus One.

When I say this body wand has changed my life I mean it ladies!! This thing has 10 speeds ans ia fully water proofed and the battery lasts forever!!!!!!!!!!! I have gotten off from it sooo many times now and my boyfriend has even used it on me a couple times. I recommend it to my best friend, and now I am recommending this cheap life saver to you!

~ V.S.

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