My husband's best friend

My husband's best friend started flirting with me especially when we were out partying. One night my husband got loaded and passed out and his best friend and I stayed up. He started flirting then he was touching my arm as we talked it seemed innocent but slowly he kept getting closer and as the drinks set in and his attention was flattering things progressed to us making out. He started to try to feel me up and I stopped him.

The next day after my husband went to work he called me and said his wash machine broke. He asked if he could use ours? I agreed to let him. When he came over he put all his clothes in then undressed and put the clothes he was wearing in the washer. He came out of the laundry room wrapped in a towel. He sat next to me and we started talking. It didn't take long before he talked about our make out session from last night. He continued to confess that he wanted me. His hand was on my thigh and he was rubbing it up and down my leg. He came in for a kiss. We ended up making out again and he moved his hand on mind and slid it down to his unit. I should have stopped I'm married but being seduced was such a turn on. I was curious and slid my hand inside the towel and felt him. He was good sized but really not any bigger than my husband's. He unbuttoned my shirt and was caressing my breasts. He then removed my shirt and started sucking my boobs while I stroked him. He stood up and the towel fell off. He put his hands behind my head and gently pulled me into his unit. I was giving him a bj when he started cumming he held my head and made me swallow. I had never swallowed before. He unbuttoned my pants and took them and my panties off and proceeded to lay me down on the couch and do me. We didn't use a condom and he came in me. A few minutes after we finished I heard a car door. My husband came home from work early.


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  • And what happened

  • I grabbed my house coat and his friend dodged into the laundry room. When my husband came in he didn't say anything until after his friend got his clothes and left. He then asked if I slept with him. I denied it but he never did really believe that. The friend moved away that summer ( we slept together a few more times). My husband never got over it he became real jealous and his sex turned real rough. I ended up falling for his other friend and we had a multi year affair. He broke up with me. I divorced my husband and I married a friend of the second friend, we've been married over 20 years he is a great guy and husband, we have a son, but I still am in love with the second friend. I saw my ex husband this year after 20 years he never got over me. The one I love called we talked for hours like best friends even though I haven't seen him for a long time. The first friend and him ran into each other and brought me up. He said they both told each other about me. He asked me if It was true and I lied and denied sleeping with him. I'm still hoping to get together with friend 2 some day.

    Sorry no three some but friend 2 and I had the best sex ever. Here's another thing. My first husband had the largest penis of all 4 but I had better sex with friend #2 who was average size, he lasted longer and loved going down on me, plus he would be up for 2 to 3 rounds. More than anything else we had an emotional connection between us that added to the intensity. Friend 2 and I even talked about size and he was just happy knowing he satisfied me. I miss him so much.

  • Holy wow. Great story, and a lot of friends.

  • Awww, man , you just KNOW they got into a threesome, and the husband admitted he had always wanted this, and it was the best sex he ever had, and then revealed he had always wanted to suck off his best friend in front of his wife, and...
    Predictability is a problem on this site.

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